The Wildlife, that surrounds us:


Wow. What perfect images, Valeria!

Ocean shore life: starfish, sand dollars, jellies and other small creatures that wash ashore including the strange and wonderful triangular jelly called the "by the wind sailor"

And seagulls, many species of shore birds, and a hawk that lives in a tree nearby. Plus my beloved little red-headed woodpeckers and two scrub jays that come to the balcony for peanuts, plus crows and rufus hummingbirds.

Mammals: many dogs playing on the shore with their owners!

And sea lions, harbor seals, dolphins, whales, and the California sea otter

The aquarium otters are non-releasable but the females serve as foster mothers to orphan pups.


Thanks Debra!

Your list of sea creatures makes me homesick for Florida, where I lived a mile or so from the beach and went scuba diving every weekend. :thumbsup: I only lived in that area for 5 years, but they made an impression!

That "by the wind sailor" jelly is cool looking!


Last summer I took my digital camera downtown. My city is a spectacular one. I visited the local museum and on my way out as I was cleaning my lens I heard this constant fluttering whistle. It got louder and louder. I turned around and noticed not more than 2 feet from me, a lake gull was trying to get my attention. When s/he did, they started strutting back and forth along a smooth marble step platform just watching me. Take MY picture and look at me I hear. s/he was a very proud beast ;) And so I did. He stood there for almost 2 minutes motionless. It was a great day.


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What a wonderful thread! Thank you Mi-Shell and all the ones posting great pictures, there are some great ones!

Mi-Shell I feel for the beavers close to your home, how sad! they have lost entrance to their houses...I hope, truly hope, it all works out well for them...two years ago I had a couple of beavers make their home in the small pond behind no time they transformed a shallow, fairly dull pond in a habitat for so many other creatures, just as you say....they raised the level of the water with their dam so then there was fish and dragonflies and frogs, otters came to swim there, a blue heron stopped by everyday to fish...there was even a couple of wild ducks that would stop by in the evening...for some reason they left the next spring( I think they were too close to people ) and I miss them....the pond was left full of life though...

I live in Northern New England and we have similar wildlife to yours, Moose,deer, beavers ...I have a bat living in my roof, his name is Sylvan. Iin summer time I sit on my deck and I see him coming flying out to eat mosquitoes...I enjoy greatly to sit at night on my deck with the lights out and just look at the fireflies light up the trees ....

This last spring I was delighted by a mama fox and her two babies....they walked in front of my kitchen window and the little ones were adorable, playing and stalling and the mother would patiently go back and push them forwards...

Oh, how I cannot mention the humminbirds??
Every spring, around May, they come back and I put feeders for them...there are tons of them swarming and shining in the sun, they are so full of energy and joy....every morning I go out early to refill their feeders and they are waiting for me on the trees...I can hear their call and some just fly around my head like saying:
"hurry up! I am hungry!!"



Magpies and blackbirds

We have a lot of magpies in our area but early last year I noticed we had a large family coming into the garden - I saw the Moms feeding the baby magpies, then the babies growing up. I still have at least three of the birds coming into the garden so I'm hoping that this year they will breed again and I'll have the babies come also. They were a lot of fun last year, especially when they took to teasing my dog and stealing his chew sticks.

Also for all the time I've lived here, 22 years, I've had a pair of blackbirds, I know these aren't the same birds for all these years but I have a pair that treat my garden as their territory and chase off other blackbirds.

I also have a robin and squirrel come into the garden plus the foxes but its been a good few years since I've seen any wood mice or hedgehogs. :(


Up in the Sierra Nevada, when I go walking, I've been lucky enough to see wild mountain goats several times. These large ungulates are the most amazingly acrobatic climbers! Have a look for yourselves.

I've also seen phaesants and partridges - phaesants particularly are a beautiful sight. We have eagles, hawks, marlin and a number of small birds I don't know yet - some very beautiful.

In the mornings, I hear blackbirds singing, but I've not seen them yet.

By the sea - we have seagulls in huge quantities. My father has seen dolphins in summer, but I've not yet spotted any.


Magpies and mice

Here in Lancashire in the North of England you have to get out of the suburbs to see much but around our home we have Magpies, Mistle thrushes, Sea Gulls, Crows, bluetits, Sparrows and Starlings.

Further afield however, we have the creatures of the beach, gulls, waders, crabs, shrimps, sand gobies swans, guillemots and inland we have foxes, fallow and red deer, herons, wrens, moorhens, and I'm sure much, much more


Today we have a mass of crows hanging about for no apparent reason, adn the ice over in the wetlands looks like it has actually melted from the warm weather. Time to pull out my Medicine cards and others, and look up crow and see what he has to say for me, today!


red breasted robins

I live in the heart a Northwestern U.S. city. There is still a lot of wildlife to see and interact with daily. Squirrels (brown & grey), racoons, opossums, crows, bluebirds, hawks, sparrows, wrens,finches, herons, robins,owls, & many other birds. Many more birds come down from the nearby mountain ranges to spend the winter here where it is not as cold.
This winter I really been noticing the robins outside my house. There is a whole tribe of them that have been feasting on the red berries that grow on the trees.They made quite a sight with their red chests at mealtime. They had many lively conversations then too.They have just finished them all off, however, and I am wondering what they are going to eat now! I have some suet to put out and I shall have to get some seed as well.


Interacting with wildlife has provided some of my most profound moments of spiritual understanding. I count all of Nature one of my best teachers! It is a essential part of my daily spiritual practice.