The World (Final Outcome Pos); Death?


I did a Celtic Cross this weekend.

My question was: I need a reflection of what the next 6 months will be about...

Position 9 - Hopes and Fears - THE TOWER came up (great)
Position 10- Outcome - THE WORLD

It occurred to me that as a final outcome it could possible mean my passing over?

Okay, I'm nutty but, it can mean the ending of a cycle (perhaps the cycle of life?


Big no on that one...sorry you are here for awhile.
PM me the layout


I DONT remember and I didnt take any notes...

I just remembered those two cards. BUT thanks very much.


the hopes and fears is the tower you fear the worst.

the world card is a whole new beginning for you get a chance to be the fool again, the chance to be the magician.

in six month times you will have a new take on the world, seeing it anew, the time of rebirth is upon you :O)


That long?
Wish I knew the spread. Six months would be a maximum. Could be as soon as 4 days-4 weeks.
Please remember, If you become too comfortable because of what you deem your future, you will inevitably find disaster; either from complacency at what you think must come or in your efforts to change it.


Chiming in with the rest here. You ain't gonna die. You might take a trip though. The World can indicate a great deal of traveling--not the kind that you plan, but the "happy wanderer" kind, where you pack up and take off. Or it could mean that you're finally going to get that "diploma" you've been waiting for--that you'll be told you've graduated and are now a "master" in, well, something.

The Tower could acually indicate that certain barriers might come down permitting you to finally get past some glass ceiling into the big leagues.


Last weekend I did a CC spread and posted about the WORLD as my final outcome... (asked if it could mean death?)

Well, last night I did a CC again (basically same question about the next 6 months & where I'd be in my relationship) - this time the WORLD card in was recent past! I cant beleive it appeared again and now, it's in the past!!!! Uhg... all insights are welcome ~ I do feel at a cross-roads (at least the TOWER didnt make another apperance!)

1. Hanged Man (it)
2. 8 of Pent. (crossing it)
3. 4 of Swords (crows it)
4. 10 of Pent. (based on/below)
5. World (past)
6. 7 of Swords (future)
7. 4 of Pent. (asker/me)
8. 3 of Pent. (enviroment)
9. 5 of Swords (fears)
10. King of Pent. (outcome)

Lots of penticles - and swords (no cups - no wands) UGH.....


As for a card showing up in one position , and then another in a next reading, I have that A Lot. I just take it to mean that that card's energy is still around. Perhaps whatever it signified in your first spread has already moved into the past?
I had never done a spread for the future of the coming year before, until this year , and I was unhappy with the results!
I don't think I'll do that anymore,whether for a year or 6 months. I prefer to stick with what I've always done before. That is, I basically ask the cards about NOW. Now is , well..........Now! A snapshot of the now. It gives me insight and doesn't weigh so heavily on the future! Just my preference though.