The Year Outlook Tarot Spread


This spread can be a great way to reflect back on the last twelve months.


1. What is my most proud accomplishment from 2014?
2. In what ways did I grow or expand my soul in 2014?
3. What surprising events occurred in 2014?
4. What valuable life lesson did I learn in 2014?
5. Looking back, what could I have done differently in 2014?
6. How can I make 2015 better than 2014?
7. What unfinished business do I need to resolve before 2015?
8-11. Visualize it is December 31st 2015.
These four cards represent your accomplishments for 2015 as if they have already happened.

For those who are more visual, here is the spread on my blog:


Thank you for your spread; I just undertook it. It wasn't as painful as I thought a "big/event/landmark" spread would be. Your manner of phrasing the questions is matter-of-fact and refreshingly non-portentous, which helped me to approach with detachment the blatantly negative cards.

One point: I suspect we don't have "souls" in the popular semantic sense (i.e. that the word "soul" is just a proxy for our consciousness, theory of mind, individual sentience, etc.) but that doesn't impede my use of the spread; I just translated the concept of "soul" accordingly.


I did this spread couple days ago.
What it said about 2014 was spot on. Somethings I actually knew but kind of ignored them were brought out in the result.

Thanks, i really like this.

Now, i'm going to see about the 2015 ones.


This spread gave me some cool advice for 2015 in card 6 (6 of cups). I got some negative cards in the last section, so I interpreted it as accomplishments and challenges. Thanks for posting this spread.