The Youths ~


The Youth of Swords is discussed in his own thread, and also in the thread on the Seven of Swords - where I felt the Youth and Seven's images should have been used on each other's card.

According to Lee, the Youths correspond to the traditional Pages. I always relate the Pages to having specific messages or news that they bring, and these four men don't fill those bills. Perhaps you need to explain what is meant by your understanding of 'the traditional Pages,' Lee.

Cups ~ The page with the cup with the winged fish is missing. He listens to see if he can hear the ocean in a sea shell instead ... listening to the voices of the Harpies or the Muses, or his own imagination? This Page is usually highly artistic, involved in the arts ... LWB:" Youthful emotions. Daydreaming. Shyness." Other than there seems to be no one else on this beautiful beach ... shyness? Are we sure? Can we talk? LOL!!!

Coins ~ A well-developed Youth works out with other muscular, hot men in a gym; instead of a floating Pentacle, he holds a barbell. This Page is always considered to be the excellent or eternal student, seeking knowledge whenever he can. It is also the Page who indicates psychic abilities, in the form of mental or 'head' games. LWB:" Focusing on the physical. Beginning a regimen. Matters relating to nutrition and exercise." Obviously, Lee, you and I see this card two entirely different ways!

Wands ~ The theatrical-themed cards reappear. In this card an overly well-dressed techie stands atop a ladder, changing the colored gel in a fresnel light. {Lots of references to stage lighting in this deck! Reminds me of a T-shirt that read: If Life's a stage ... I want better lighting!} Anyway - the Page of Wands is usually poised to bang his wand against the ground to get your attention for some important news ... this guy is playing with the lighting instruments. LWB:"Focusing attention on something. Reaching for a goal from a possibly unsteady foundation." Once again - what is the exact purpose of the Youths?


I would like to refer to something I have been thinking, an idea not very much developed about the Youth of Coins... I think he also appears in The Moon... So, if this is correct, can we consider him to be a... top guy?