I was wondering which stone/crystal you all are using for third-eye meditation? I have a small iolite, which I love, but it's just too dang small! Anything larger would cost an arm and a leg though.... (And that's assuming you could find it in the first place) There are so many blue/purple stones out there, but since I have to order online, I'd love some recommendations. Amethyst is out because its my birthstone, and I've had my fill. Anyone?


Lapis Lazuli is good. I have a few raw chunk of it. Usually you can get a good sized piece in that state for about $10


I love iolite too. And I have to say, Uruguayan amethyst is so deeply purple it's such a joy to meditate with.

Regarding your question, there are some Third Eye Chakra crystals of course. Personally, I recommend labradorite and lapis lazuli. Even high quality specimens can be relatively cheap. Aside from the two I previously mentioned, I also particularly like dumortierite, the stone of Tarot, especially those that are mostly deep blue-violet. I find them particularly effective and I use them when I conduct some very important readings.


Great! Here's the list: Lapis, and Labradorite I'm familiar with. Both beautigul stones. I'm also familiar with Dumortierite but had no idea it's a "Tarot stone"... (I'll have to research. I'm thinking maybe it's THE stone I'm looking for!) Also checked out the large Iolites you posted Beancrew. YUP! I want!!! And WILL check out the Uruguayan Amethyst. What the heck! Thank you one and all!!!! YOU'VE SET ME ON MY COURSE!


Hi FL! I'm just about to check out your link.... As I recall Merlinite is a beautiful stone... Thanks for reminding me of it. I'd completely forgotten. Eva