Third Eye vs. Botox


A girlfriend and I were chatting about our views on plastic surgery, and of course Botox came up. My friend stated that Botox in the vertical crease between one's eyebrows (just over the nose) blocks the 3rd Eye, and as a result diminishes one's intuition.
Does anyone have experience with, or any thoughts on this?


wouldn't botox be on the physical and the third eye is spiritual or part of the chakra energy system? I would say they are on different levels!

I had a search on google and there is a million discussions on this (who knew!) with people who work in energy medicine arguing over this!

I think you have to try it or find someone having botox to try it. is their intuition or third eye worse? :confused:

made me think though if botox could affect all chakra's and energy, interesting :)


Yes, my thought is that anyone who uses botox , is lacking in insight. They are probably superficial and see the cover as having more import than the book.

HEY! Wait a minute! I dont have a vertical crease between my eyebrows <feels it ... looks in mirror > ... nup! I do have a crescent Moon shaped indent just above that.

I wont be injecting botox in there either ... or anywhere!

I want to age 'gracefully' !