Thirteen, Please suggest!


Can you please suggest me spread for career reading. I have few but they all are with 10 to 11 card spread. Since I am begineer, I find these spread very 'heavy'. I am looking for some simple spread for my career. I was laid off last Monday. I want to know what is happening with my carrer, about my next job, future prospects in career, if it is good or bad, etc etc.. Please suggest!

Thanks for your help.


I'm not Thirteen. However, I think you could try this out.
It's a whole page, and I looked up only at the first... that seemed sensible.
Hope you'll find what you need. :)


OUCH!!! Thirteen will never forgive me for not asking you this:

_______"Why don't you try inventing your very own career spread?"

You plan how many cards, their position, the meaning of each position and so on...
You make be inspired by other pre-existing spreads - for example, the Simple Cross is easy (as you don't want "complicated" stuff :) ) and ductile (you can change the meaning of the cards at your pleasure)

It is a sort of a "Trial", it's like a Tribunal... :D


1 - The Defense: what is positive for your situation, what will help you
2 - The Accuse: what is negative, what will hinder
3 - People: The problem you're up with now, your current situation
4 - The Jury: The Future, the Outcome...
5 - The Judge: The Advice, a path to follow, a behaviour...


Hi, Archana!

Nor am I - I'm sure Thirteen will be along shortly!

However, in the meantime here's one from a book I use which might help:




1. Is the career I have chosen what I really want?
2. What steps can I take to improve my career?
3. Are there aspects to my career I cannot change?
4. Do I feel I am doing my best in my career?
5. What changes can I make personally that will help my career?
6. What blocks in my past are affecting my career now?
7. Outcome

Hope this gives you some ideas!


Well, I feel superfluous ;)

Archana, really sorry to hear about your being laid off! That's just rotten. However, I see that Pollux and LouiQ, my trusty side-kicks (don't hurt me, guys, I'm kidding!) really answered the question. LouiQ's spread seems to be exactly what you're looking for in fact. And I'm *AMAZED* that there's a whole website dedicated to career/business oriented tarot speads! Great fine, Pollux. You know, and here's another one for Solandia, we should have some place not only for frequently asked questions, but also for websites like this. Who would've thought?

Just in case you don't already have enough spreads, Archana, here's a final, simple and very clear spread from "Tarot in Ten Minutes". Six card spread:

You know the three card spread (past, present, future). You lay them out and then cross each one with a second card (kinda like what you'd do with the first two cards of a Celtic Cross, one laying sideways over the other).

So it's: 1*2*3
Then cover 1 with 4, 2 with 5, and 3 with 6. The cross cards are partnered with the ones below them and read as right-side up, never reversed.

#1 = the overall past/#4 is recent past.
#2 = current situation/#5 is the challenge you face.
#3 = What you will do or should do next/#6 is the results of that action.

So, if you asked a question about your career (like, "What is going to happen with my career?") then:

#1 = overview of past career/#4 recent events in your career
#2 = Current career situation/#5 the biggest challenge you face in dealing with this situation or changing it.
#3 = What you either should do next, or are thinking of doing next about your career/ #6 the likely results of doing that.

Hey, and good luck! Will you let us know what kind of readings you get and what happens?


Hi There,
First of all "Thanks a ton" to all of YOU, for your response. I tried two reading;

1. Pollux's spread

and here is the reading that I got:

#1 ...4 of Wands
#2 ...Ace of Pent
#3 ...9 of Pent
#4 ...8 of Swords
#5 ...The Sun

My comments:
#1 : Hmm, I can't relate it again. Because I don't see any reason to celebrate or rewarded.
#2 : well I can say, money was the only thing that kept me holding to my previous job.
#3 : Can't see anything
#4 : This is what I am feeling right now. I can't do much (for finding job), other then posting my resume and wait for the answer. And utilise this time in learning Tarot and Astrology :)
#5 : Hmm, am looking forward for this.

2. Thirteen's spread

#1 = the overall past/#4 is recent past.
#2 = current situation/#5 is the challenge you face.
#3 = What you will do or should do next/#6 is the results of that action.

and here is what I got:

#1 ...The World / #4 ...The Moon
#2 ...8 of Sword / #5 ...Knight of Pent
#3 ...The Sun / #6 ...9 of Cups

My commnets:
#1 and #4 is the perfact card that represents my past. Since I was laid off twice (from one company on 6th Sep 2001 and from another company on 11th Feb 2002). And more over I was not at all happy in my previous company.
#2 , yes this is what I am feeling right now. Bt I can't relate #5.
#3 and #6.. I am still wating for it. :)

Any thoughts on these reading ? Yes Thirteen, I think if we can have one section only for "Types of spread", that will be great. :)

Thanks once again!


Quote:Archana (19 Feb, 2002 04:15):

#2 , yes this is what I am feeling right now. Bt I can't relate #5.

Current situation is feeling trapped, doomed if you do, doomed if you don't--your challenge, Knight of Pentacles, is to find a way to get out of your head on this and go back to work again.

Quote:#3 and #6.. I am still wating for it.

Future looks REALLY positive! Glad for that.


Just want to add to your reading technique Archana, that if you don?t relate to the 4 wands upright, as you say: celebration and reward,
try make it reversed, the possibility for rewards and future celebration is there,
though the horse you sit on, is not going anywhere, the passion that is supposed to lead you to celebration all points to the ground.
Air turns to earth, which could make you feel stuck in physical world, and maybe lead you to daydreaming about future instead of getting a move on.

Just my 2-krone, and yet another cheer for the reversed solution.

If stuck in reading turn the cards up-side down, there is a story you miss there.

:) bec


I only add my two euros - 2 lire are just nothing, they don't even exists any more. :D

9 of Pents is you at your current situation: you're sort of dwindling, contemplating the past and your experience... a bit passively. This cards maybe wants to say you are not trying so hard, after all, to find a job that may suit you.
Your very own reference on Learning Astrology and Tarots may be a sort of explanation: now you don't want to think about bad things, you just want to have fun for a while, while you get over this unpleasant story. You desire to enjoy yourself for a while, studying, contemplating... to take a bit of sabbath. I definitely encourage you too. :)

As for the Knight of Pents, your challenge may also be that between self-complacency (you want to rest, learn Astrology and Tarots, do what you please... ) or material engagement. Your choice is between sabbath and job-obsessive-search.

I read it so far, and it DOES sound a bit offensive. I hope you get what I mean, I mean no offence. So please, don't feel that way... :(
And, I even try to give you advice: if you don't have material problems right now, DO go on a sabbath... :)


Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I see your point here. I think Knight of Pent is trying to tell me "
1. if you want to cuts your rope with which you are tied up --- which in my case is I was let go by my company

2. enough of relax and fun time, ride on your horse, do not let your horse to stand at one position -- which in my case is start intense job search. Invest your time more in job search and less time in Tarot and Astrology (which is not my source of income)"