Thoughts, Feelings and Realities Spread


Hey everyone! This is a spread I made and use to gain insight on mine or others thoughts, feelings, and overall state regarding a situation, as well as the realities of those thoughts, a " this is what I'm thinking, but this is how things actually are" kind of spread.

I use this for relationship insight, and maybe a tiny bit of irresponsible psychic spying :) as well as gaining perspective when my head is spinning on an issue.
I like this spread because it is easily expandable, and often gives very interesting pairings between cards.

*****1**2**3***** thoughts on the situation feelings on the situation overall state on the situation
4.the realities of these thoughts (what is actually happening vs.what they/you are thinking is happening)
5.the realities of these feelings
6.the realities of this current state
7. the most likely outcome
8. the reality of this outcome (you may get what you want, but this is what comes with it)
9. Influences on this outcome/ advice/ what is needed to bring this into reality
10,11&12. Clarifiers/ summary of each column
Here is the expandable part as 10,11,&12 can act as clarifiers on each state, or morals of the story, then the row, 9,10,11,&12 can be read as a separate reading, almost like a "this is the gist of it" spread.

The three cards can also be read together as groupings of three, such as 1,4,&10 to go even deeper into what the cards are saying.



i always need a does of reality, thank you for this!