Three Card Reading - observation


Today, I did a reading for myself regarding my general low mood and pulled three cards

Ace Cups,
Page Swords

It was whilst having a close look at these cards that I realised that they all show the same towers, the same part of the river. Coincidence or what? Is there any connection here?

Thoughts anyone?



Hi Jewel-ry, well, you got me curious, so I pulled out the three of them. Two by day, one by night, two with the river liquid and one with it frozen. Now, directions I can't tell because the light isn't showing that in any of them.
Outside of a reading, just the cards, sorry, I don't see a thread here. As far as a reading goes, I would guess, just guess 'cause I am too tired to be very deep, that a child or younger person is giving you the heebie-jeebies of worry and too much emotion. Maybe the river is that 'panta re' thing. Everything changes, everything flows.


This is completely "off the wall" as they say, but we did do much of the deck after the very bad floods here. When we set up the Page of Swords scene the floods were very much in our minds (this statue sticks out into the river and during the flood it was somewhat surprising that it wasn't washed away). I think there may be something about surges of emotion, changing times, false feeling of disaster. I remember that people thought that the floods would ruin Prague, but in fact it was all coped with so well that if anything the longer-term outcome is that it's improved the city - many buildings were beautifully restored and one tatty park was finally landscaped with sensitivity.

Like I say, very "off the wall" but I'm aware that in making several cards that show the river (maybe particularly the Page of Swords and the Ace of Cups) these thoughts were in our minds. There may be something here about feeling "washed away" mentally, but in fact finding that you are on far more stable ground than you imagined.

Just a thought though.


Thanks Marion and baba!

I think you may both have something here. On reflection, it could relate to my mental attitude to either my children or my health. Both seem to be OK and I am probably worrying about nothing.

~baba, I like the way you put it - "washed away" mentally, but in fact finding that you are on far more stable ground than you imagined

What lovely cards though! The river just really struck me in all of them.

I still love this deck!!