Three Fold Karma Spread


OK I am not sure if this is going to work as a layout (I mean I am not sure if I can "draw" it on here so to speak) but I will try. I was doing some research trying to kind a Karma Spread and there are a lot out there but none of them really spoke to me.

I did a little research and found that there are three sort of stages to Karma so I thought I would try and incorporate them into a spread to make it more about actual karmic energy if that makes sense.

I won't go into too much detail about the three stages but I haven't used them word for word in terms of what they mean because it would be too vague, but this is what I came up with.

Card #1 - The Essence Of Who You Are (i.e The parts of the persons personality, traits etc that have not changed through the karmic cycles)

Card# 2 - Sanchita Karma Card (The karmic energy the person has brought with them from previous lives into this one)

Card#3 - How this energy has effected the person's current life (any blockages it has created)

Card#4 - How this energy has effected the person’s current life (i.e how has it helped to create positive outcomes in the present)

Card# 5 - Prarabdha Karma Card (What the person is doing now that is having a positive effect)

Card# 6 - Praradha Karma Card 2 (What the person is doing now that is having a negative effect)

Card# 7 - How these actions will effect their future Karmic energy

Card# 8 - Kriyamana Karma Card (What actions the person can take in order to create more positive Karmic energy)

I tried to draw that with the *'s but I couldn't get it to look like an 8 or infinity so I stopped trying. I think that shape would be appropriate though..

Anyway any thoughts or comments?


I loved this spread AlysiumDream. I tried it and gained a lot of insight.

The last one was especially resonant with me. The advice I got to create more positive karmic energy? The Sun! Clearly it's telling me to be more positive and just bask in the glory of my current accomplishments -- and just stop worrying!

Loved it. Thank you for sharing. :thumbsup: