Three Futures Spread


If you ever like to imagine how your life might go if you try something different, this is a fun little spread. It's more simple than my usual "separate your deck into categories and make an elaborate design" sort of spreads, which means I might have actually found this somewhere else and forgot. If I did, feel free to give credit to whoever actually did make this.

First, shuffle your deck like usual. Then, make a spread in this formation:


Now that you have this diamond spread laid out, you read it as such:
1 represents past events that form your present, and 2 is your present. 3 is your future if you keep going on as you already are, but 4 represents your future if you take the path suggested by 5 and 6, and 7 is the result of 8 and 9. If none of the result cards are good cards, you might want to move to a Maslow spread or a different life fulfillment spread and come back to this later. If you want to reflect on past choices you can switch 1 to the far past and 2 to the point of your choice, but I wouldn't suggest doing that unless you are happy with your choice and just like to speculate. Looking back on past bad decisions is just a fast track to Depression Town

I hope this spread helps someone or at least gives a bit of entertainment.


I like it! Seems entertaining, seems interesting. And is different than the usual outcome spreads. Thanks!

ETA I just did a reading. It was very enlightening. This is a valuable spread!