Three of Pentacles : Tree of Life


THE TREE OF LIFE - Illustrated?

Colour Tree of Life Diagram

Beginning with the very helpful clue of the 3 Pentacles ever so prominently
positioned at the top of a single Unifying column, there are several key
elements in this illustration that I see as pointing to an inter-active scene
depicting some hands on work, fleshing out The Tree of Life.

Let's start with Mr. Hod, in his Severe but Splendorous gown of Glory.
With him is Brother Chokhmah, the image of practicality in his robes
of Merciful Wisdom. Having consulted their Inheritance (the master plan)
they are visiting our young apprentice, busily at work, dressed in his
Chesed trousers, wearing his best Yesod boots (a sturdy pair for a good
Foundation) and protected by a brightly Beautiful Tiferet apron.

The apprentice appears to hold the mallet of Da'at, and may be
about to finish a significant bit of work on, perhaps ~ Binah (?)
...which is coming along nicely, thank you!


Mr. Hod: Orange
Brother Chokhmah: Gray
Chesed trousers: Blue
Yesod boots: Purple
Tiferet apron: Yellow
Binah...?: Black

:) Fulgour


It may be worth noting also that while many people see the
Tree of Life in/on the 10 of Pentacles, if you overlay the actual
design as normally proportioned, it doesn't quite line up...
Pam was obviously familiar with cabala/kabbalah but maybe
liked to bring it more down to earth, in her special way, with
dignity and respect ~ but still having fun and making us think.


That gown puzzles me

What does Mr Hod's gown of glory signify? Thank you.