Three of Swords - Gilded Tarot


The background colors on this card are so dreary. The heart is pierced three times. The swords are no longer gold but look silver-metal in color.

The sun is in the center of the pierced heart. Could that mean that even though the heart is broken now, better (sunny) days are ahead?

I could use some help with this card for sure! Anyone?


3 of Swords

Could mean that a decision has to be made between 2 important people in your life - and whichever one you chose, the other will be hurt ie chosing between children and new partner etc.
The end of emotional heartbreak? A decision being made for you that ends an emotional dilemia?
Just some thoughts!


Depending upon the reading, the background of this card 'pops' in different ways for me lol.. for example, I've had it come out in a past position where the small bits of blue in the sky have popped out, and the reading turned out to be that there was a big blowout which actually cleared the air and all the tension that had been building up for some time within the family.

Another thing I see in this card is almost a feeling of being ganged up on? The bottom two sword are piercing up in unison and the top sword is on its own looking down - perhaps someone thinks they are RIGHT in a particular argument, and is being met with resistance from the other parties. I do tend to feel that there is a third party involved when this card shows up - but that does depend on what else comes out in the reading for me.

Edit: I had another idea about this card - what about it representing falling hard for someone - so much so it causes you to neglect all else as you are so focused on this extreme emotion.


Three of Swords

Thank you all for your input. "Ganged up" I do see that as well as a decision that has to be made that might hurt one of the parties involved.


The book that came with this deck says : stormy emotions leading to quarrels,possibly leading to separation.can represent separation between loved ones.however,hope for the future is shown in this card represented by the clearing sky above the image .
I don't see a clearing sky personally.
The card only has the energy of a 3, let's remember. So let's say there is heartbreak, it should be temporary.


yes, the sun is in the center of the heart, it is painful, but take it and move on. it is not like forever thing.