Time Event Will Happen Spread


I tried this spread and the results were telling. The first cards drawn represented each area and the astrological associations were spot on. I have wanted to implement the time element when inspired to do so. I've found success with this method. Thank you for sharing!


Luna Shay Luv

Im not sure if i can post this here, but i asked a question then pulled the card..
the first one was 7 wands, then cups and the last was ace of wands... how do i read this with the time??


I love how uncomplicated this spread sounds. I will have to try it out soon.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi everyone,
I know this is an ancient spread but I'm reviving it to see if anyone's made accurate predictions using this spread. I just tried it and can't wait to see if it'll come about!


Yes, I'm sorry, I should have been more descriptive. It would be a follow-up reading. If a reading indicates something will happen then you would use the the card that suggests it as the significator.

The book indicates the Ace of Wands represents Spring. "Tarot Made Easy, by Nancy Garen", uses the Ace of Wands to represent Autumn and Ace of Pentacles to represent Spring. I'm using the Sharman-Caselli deck and the image of the Ace of Wands appears "Autumn-ish" to me so I use it to represent Autumn. I'm fairly new to tarot, is it just a matter of preference or is there a set rule as to which suit represents which season?

Sorry for the confusion, I'll edit if necessary....

I feel the same way about my deck of cards Daizdy. I have the Gilded Tarot deck and the ace of wands is a fiery wand set in front of a very autumnal background. There are lots of reds, yellows, oranges, and brown. It reminds me of fall and all the leaves changing in the mountains near my home. My ace of pentacles shows a meadow scene with animals frolicking and light green leaves on the trees. This reminds me of spring when all the animals come out to play after being cooped up during a long winter. I never really thought of basing it off the wiccan side. Although that way is interesting too. I guess it really just depends on what your cards have to say to you about it. Feel the energy of the card. It will give you an idea of what it is about.


I have used this spread last night and it was EXTREMELY accurate. I am trying to go study abroad in Japan, hopefully this October but I wasnt sure if I could make it this October or not so I searched up a spread that would give me an answer and found this one.

And the cards I got were Ace of Cups, Six of Cups, and the Hermit. Which is October 7th minus or plus 9 days, and the Fall school starts on October 11th in Japan. Needless to say I was thrilled with the answer I got!!! :D

And yea I considered Cups to be in the Fall more than the Wand, I feel its accurate for Wands to be in the Spring.