to reverse or not to reverse?


I personaly don't intepret "reversed" cards any different than if they were right side up. To me each of the cards has many layers of meaning which remain consistent regardless of whether the card is upside-down or rightside-up. Is this why my house caught on fire, my cat got became possesed with an ancient carribean shoe-spirit and my car got stolen? hmmmm


LOL :p :-D :D I hope you are joking!

Fear not. I never read with reversed meanings either, although I make an effort not to 'allow' my cards to become reversed when I shuffle...


Of course I'm joking, I live in an apartment not a house. I'm glad there are others who don't read into reversed cards.


I don't use reversed either.
I make so that they don't show up.
Of course I shuffle, and the querent just cuts the deck - or if I don't want him to, I cut, he just chooses 1 2 or 3, left middle right! :)

I plan to start reading with reversals someday, though.
I think it adds something to the possibilities of insight.

I think Meewah will soon come around and give us one of her wondrous explanations of spectrum and energetics! :)


Quote:xeper (10 Feb, 2002 08:34):
Is this why .... my cat became possesed with an ancient carribean shoe-spirit

Now that I'd like to see - perhaps it explains why one of my cats used to get a really strange look on her face from time to time!

I don't normally interpret reversed cards any differently either as I agree with you that they have many layers of meaning which remain consistent and, like Kayne, I try not to let them get reversed in the first place. However, if I'm looking at a reading someone's posted which includes reversed cards, I take the view that the reversed cards have a slightly different meaning for the "postee" and I consult a book I've come to rely on as it's all a learning process for me - it also helps me think of more meanings when the cards are in the upright position.


I have read with reversed and not reversed. I choose not to read with reversed cards as for the most part, I can tell from where the card is and what surrounds it as to what the meaning is.
Perhaps it is because my readings are more accurate when I do not reverse. Perhaps it is because the first two decks I have gotten do not use reversed meanings. *shrugs*


Basically, the cards are neutral. Their meanings are created within the context of a throw. This is when they are capable of expressing a wide spectrum of meanings from the "positive" to the "negative" & all the shades in between. The quality of the meanings are relative, subject to interaction with other or surrounding cards; also subject to the reader's view & understanding.
Talisman has oft stated that no card can be read in isolation; however, there are occasions when a card stands alone, independent of the associations or influences of other cards. Such a card is usually significant in its appearance, whether it appears as a single Daily Card or within a spread & whether it is upright or reversed.
The cards are very efficient in that they lend themselves to layered meanings. Reversals per se are a part of the spectrum of meanings & can enhance the interpretation. The resulting interpretation can encompass a broader range than the usual "upright". Meanings can address the spiritual to the mundane, with either all or some of the layers applicable. Nothing manifest on the physical level occurs without it first manifesting within or on a higher plane--but that is another subject.
Personally, I do not have to see reversed cards to read "reversed" meanings. That is partly why I prefer to shuffle so the cards remain upright--reversals can be distracting & take the focus off the rest of the cards.
The other reason is that reversed cards are oft misunderstood. A reversed card does not necessarily qualify it as an undesirable or unpleasant trait, situation, development, whatever. When interpreted with another card, a different, new or even a unique meaning may be seen that is pertinent to the occasion.
Since I read cards thrown by other people which do contain reversals, I read them accordingly.


Well, I have to admit that I used to read with reversed was easier to me to identify positive or negative aspects in a reading...
Now, when they are reversed I just read them normaly, as if they were not reversed...but, I don?t know...

Maybe we shouldn?t read reversed cards differently, but at least remember we saw a reversed card in a reading...

Well, that?s why I bought my first round


a new book is comiing out in march.

llewellyn's is releasing
"the complete book of tarot reversals"
by mary k. greer
isbn 1-56718-285-2
$14.95 us $22.95 can
6 x 9 312 pages

"features eleven different methods of determining reversed card meanings."

"for reader at all levels of expertise"

"these interpretations (reversals) offer inner support, positive advice, and descriptions of the learning opportunities available, yet with a twist that is uniquesly their own."

in light,


That book sounds really facinating Jade.
I wonder if it will ever make it's way to Australian shores...
I have often wanted to create a deck that has reversed pictures reflecting the reversed meanings but have not learnt enough about them for me to feel comfortable creating a deck like this yet... Perhaps this book will be the key?