Tobaira of the Waters


During the night I had a thrombosis in the leg. Swollen leg, pins and needles, and then the pain…I had never had this before and was petrified. I walked about the flat, drank water, lay with my leg on a pillow, slept badly. I awoke early, too early to call the doctor – the pain and swelling had subsided a bit, though still there like an ache, and the pins and needles didn’t stop.

I was drawn to the faeries and asked for help.

And Tobaira of the Waters answered. I listened to her. She was practical first: put my leg under cold water and drink fresh water, as she is doing.

She is a healer. Before I was able to call the doctor and during the whole day, she was by my side, whispering what to do, reassuring me. Surrounded by frollicking frog women, draiads, naiads and gnomes, she heals with serene joy, she uses the gentle precise touch of a reflexologist (that can be so painful at the moment it is applied!), the energy caress of a reiki master.

She is soft but sensible, Tobaira. The barest shimmer of wings glint at her back, nothing fancy. She is clothed in good muslin for comfort, leaving the arms and shoulders bare to preserve her freedom of movement. She is the only one wearing clothes in the card, signifying, perhaps, the necessary distance healers must keep from their patients – distance with empathy.

Though she rises from the silver spring, she is earthed, Tobaira - the whole card around her is brown and tan.

She is beautiful, too – her skin like morning on the Lake waters. Her cupped hands strong and fine, a healer’s hands. I drew another card tonight – the Singer of Connection – its blue-green light reminds me of her hands – two pairs of rounded hands meeting each other, like two cups... There can be no healing without connection. I know there is more than my leg that needs healing…

Water is a healer. When the blood clot has dissolved, I shall take up swimming again - keep my limbs moving, the blood circulating. Blood is water too! And too much sedentarity turns water to ice. Blood to blood clots, with dangerous consequences. Serendipity – a leaflet announcing the local pool hours were slid into my letter-box on the day my Faeries arrived.

All this water pouring on the card is making me thirsty!


Helvetica, your connection to this deck is amazing.
You are receiving some fabulous stuff with it aren't you. I'm going to need to do daily draws. Just reading this latest post of yours makes me wonder where I could be enjoying more healing with these creatures.

Wonderous stuff, I can't wait for the next installment.


To be honest, elf, I was so scared, that I couldn't think of anything else to do but lift up a faery card! I knew as soon as I saw her that I'd be OK, at least for now. Last night the fear started again - I kept feeling the pain further up my leg and I was afraid to go to sleep, especially since the tests had confirmed the thrombosis. What one does when one is alone! (I add all this happened after midnight, too late to call anyone - well, I could have called my parents, but my father is soooo tired these days, poor thing, I didn't have the heart).

So I meditated on Tobaira a bit and asked for all the faery energy that could be spared - I drew a few other cards - I might post the reading in another thread.

She really does look like these healers you meet in alternative health centres (or even some in orthodox health centres).



Doesn't that make it even more wonderous, then?
That you thought of the Faeries Oracle and of all the sweeties who could have come to your aid, Tobaira answered your call?

I would love to see that reading.

It seems to me that there really is no other Oracle quite like this one. I often think it would be great for them to publish another deck made up of the paintings that didn't get into this deck. I'd love to see them firstly, and secondly, I'd just love more Fae to play with!

As for the dream, I've been hoping for one for myself. I'd love to dream of the Faeries in this would be a delight! I don't think I've ever had a dream of Faeries/Fairies of any kind that I can remember.

The funniest thing of all is that most people stop playing with Faeries when they grow up, and look at all of us. Looking for all kinds of ways to play with Faeries.


Helvetica - what an experience to go through. Makes me sore thinking about it. And how great having the intuition ... no, intuition you have. How great it was that you listened to your inner guidance via Faery on what best to do. Bright Blessings to Tobaira!
(You mentioned a couple of things I hadn't seen in the card and I just drew her for a reading for Mooncat - I'm going to go find her and take another look. Thanks.)

Yes - aren't we all having a wonderful connection with the Fae Folk! Peter Pan was my most favorite story (and Mary Martin's TV musical special!) as a child -- "I won't grow up! I won't grow up!"

Skye :OL


As I inject my medication (self-injection, yuk), I visualise the gentle Tobaira with the syringe, chatting warmly at me to take my mind off things. Her deft hands have no trouble jabbing me and I feel no pain. I see the gorging late March waterfalls of my mountains and my blood clot melting like an ice floe in spring - the same I saw on my afternoon walk.

Even the brown naiads, draiads and hamadraiads around her, the dun leaves and greeny tan of the gnomes look like the patches of earth and grass left by the thawed snow in the Alpine forest. I am sure the faeries walked by my side all the time during that walk...:)

I might even have caught a glimpse of one in the glint of new grass.

Skye - I have grown and matured: but I will never be a "grown-up". It reminds me of a line from a Jacques Brel song - what talent we had, my love, to age without ever becoming grown-ups!"




Your writing style is quite lyrical, btw.


Thank you Skye!
(for the hug and the compliment)

Your name is very lyrical too...


Helvetica, you are having to learn so many things with this thrombosis aren't you??? Injections and resting quietly...

I am so happy you have the Faery folk to play with while you recover and heal.

Be well, you aren't alone.

My kids and I will do a chant for you tomorrow!

(My sister says my kids will certainly get beat up in the school yard if they ever talk about what goes on in our house....chanting, goddess dancing, fires and altar making, the building of Faery houses and dancing round the fire in the moonlight...)


Chant along, dear elf!

And today again, for the third time since I had my thrombosis, my morning faery is Tobaira. She will no doubt show up until she is satisfied I am taking proper care of myself!