Totems and Spirit Guides


I've read this thread, and the blog which spurred it, with much interest.

I'm sure I've been misusing some of these words; I'd be quite surprised if most modern people haven't. Now I understand better. But it is a hard thing to know that one comes from a heritage that has long since lost its connection to nature and the past in this way, and especially hard on those of us whose ancestors came from other continents. We're separated from our ancestral lands, and the lands in which we live are someone else's ancestral lands! So where do we go to find the connection we crave?

This is where both Neo-Paganism and the New Age come in, offering people the chance for some kind of connection. But often the information is wrong, for the reasons mentioned: the concepts don't translate well, and we have not the natural immersion that indigenous people have (and not even any longer the immersion into the cultures of our own forebears!). The modern post-industrial world has a lot to answer for. It isn't just the spread of Christianity that's to blame; until the modern era there were still actively-followed folkways, even by churchgoers.

I for one read a lot of works by British authors, with a real sense of envy because those authors live with their ancient heritage, sometimes right in their backyards. I live where my ancestors only landed long after other cultures were established here. Those cultures are not my own and can never be. It makes me feel downright rootless.

And to return to topic, yes, I do have animal guardians/guides. I'm not sure any of them is a power animal; one I can think of might have been.


here is a good link, for those interested in working with animal guides...

and, I get it...I have always called mine my "spirit companions" and mine have not changed since a very long time ago. I mean, they kind of arrived in childhood, and never left me...

Bhavana, that was delightful - about them being anything, all the way down to the lowliest critter - which is why I like that site I just put here.

My companion animals are rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, turtles, and (sorry, Bhavana, not trying to be hip or glam - ) wolves...they have always been with me, for as long as I can remember.

My son's companions have always been the bear and the cat. He doesn't seem to have any others.

I guess people associate most frequently with wolves or owls, because of their admiration for them...and because they are traditionally mysterious...they are lovely creatures...