Trimmed Borders/Altered Decks


Since the old thread was getting close to a thousand posts it was closed. Feel free to share your trimmings and alterations in this thread. If you wish to see the old thread you can find it here.

This thread won't be indexed, but it could be very fun to see everyone's project nonetheless.


Thread index-in-progress. (edit 2April: I promise I will come and update this soon!)

Lars-Kristian Holmson Tarot
by G6 edged in neon green

Tarot of the Four Elements
Rose Lalonde - top and sides trimmed

Universal Fantasy
Nemia - trimmed, titles retained

Wisdom of Oracles
page of ghosts - trimmed

Rose Lalonde

Trimmed Tarot of the Four Elements

Tarot of the Four Elements -- I removed most of the top and side borders of the majors and most of the bottom and side borders of the minors. (Others have trimmed all side borders and none of the top and bottom. You can find pics of theirs in the old index here.)

On the majors I lost their number. On the minors I lost their element/suit, which was obvious without it being written. (e.g. in the bottom of the photo you can tell which 4 cards are Earth/Disks and which 4 are Fire/Wands.) Camera's not the best.

trimmed Tarot of the Four Elements

original images from the Tarot Gallery

(Paper cutter and Sunstar Kodomaru corner rounder, 3mm side)



Lars-Kristian Holmsen Tarot EDGED in Green Neon

Edged the Lars-Kristian Holmsen Tarot using the new Sharpie neon marker in green. They are neon, but I dont have a black light to see if they work under that lighting as the package claims.

Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers

Lars-Kristian Holmsen Tarot

I'm thinking about using the yellow neon one for the Wild Unknown.

Heres the pics let me know what you think...



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Marcus R

G6, that green looks great.


I have black edged two decks this weekend.

The Tarot of Trees came with a few delaminating corners and some chips to the black borders, but by all accounts getting a replacement is extremely difficult and it's a notorious problem with the third edition. So I Sharpied it:



And my Tarot Decoratif came with a couple of nicks to the black border of Le Mat, so I tried to Sharpie just the border but it bled into the edge. So I did the whole lot. The colour is even and in the flesh looks great, but the corners are shiny so on camera it looks a bit patchy.




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I love black edged decks. Those look fantastic, CharlotteK!