Trimming and Edging cards

Le Fanu

I don't think I would pay as much for it. It's not that it's damaged, but it is altered from what the original artist intended and that changes it for me. Just my personal feeling on it ...
Often it's not the artist who intended it with borders but the publishers - for practical reasons - suffocating the art for even the artist. And hand trimming is like couture - done by hand, painstakingly, delicately. If I were trading/buying a trimmed decks - and I have (Thoth and Crystal), I'd expect it to be PERFECT. If it isn't - then, yes, it's worthless.

What few ever seem to say is that some decks look much worse trimmed. But because it's someone's handiwork we feel obliged to say "wow! Looks much better" I've seen terrible trim jobs here. I hate it when the title part of the card, or the name, gets trimmed. It makes the card look all cramped.


Mya Papaya

I don't know if you already trimmed them or not but just in case someone else is curious, I trimmed mine since I found the borders a little distracting.

Thanks so much love for posting photos! :heart: I just ordered this deck then read that they are larger. lol I think I may have to trim mine also if they are too crazy sized.

I also want to say...:party: WELCOME TO THE AT FORUMS, MYA PAPAYA!! :party:

You are already a gem! :thumbsup: