Trying my own way


Printer studio you CAN do that. I did :)


I saw some collectible cards done by Printer Studio at a recent comic convention, one of the dealers had made up a set of his best painted works. The cards were pretty solid, flexible and felt good. We spent a little time talking about how he had gotten them ordered. It's on my 'to do' list for the future now.


I'd like to post more images, but I don't know which ones. I have the major arcana done, and the suit of wands and the suit of cups, and up to the eight of swords. Does anyone have a request? Anyone ever thought, "I wonder how someone else would see this card?"
There are a couple I am not happy with, not because of teh artwork, but because the symbology is off. Those are Judgment and the Page of wands.


Here are a couple more, so you can see some other veiws. I dressed them all in diff styles, fantasy, modern, historical, ect.

The Devil:

Three of Cups:

Four of Wands:

Ace of Swords:

I hope you all enjoy!

I am almost finished with them, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. My husband lost his job on friday last week, so we can't spend to print. Maybe a fundraiser? I don't know.I would appreciate any ideas.


omg! this is beautful!:)) cutest dvl card ever!^^ lolz happy to see you keep your art up even on minors!XD and maybe you can post cards you have problems here and we can help out with advices?XD ;))

sorry for job loss!x,x hope he find better soon! just be sure to think it's all for the best and it will all turn well eventually!^^:))

you may consider kickstarter, indiegogo and patreon?:) be sure to connect it with instagram tumbir or web page/you can make one free on google web!:)

Note if you go with POD like Printerstudio you can ship directly to any part of the world!:) signed with tracking number!:) and if you include paypal button to your web page/fb you can sell directly from your page!:)

and if you're on fb be sure to join some tarot groups!^^ it'll help you get info on all this topics and maybe publisher?XD :))

and be sure to post us about news!^^:))


I edited the first post to show all the views I have pics of, so no one has to scroll through the pages to find them. Thanks for looking!


Love it

Really love the designs. I am in the process of doing the same to get a better understanding of the Tarot. I am starting with two one is a very simple animal deck with the basic symbology and then a deeper deck that I know will take me a bit. So excited to see yours can't wait to see it finished! I noticed you were in the Faery Oracle section as well. That area seems to have died a few years ago which is sad. You were the only posts I saw for many years. If you like I can post in there too was looking to chat about my experiences with them.

Dee Ell

That Devil card is great đŸ˜ˆđŸ˜„

I'm sure if you did a smaller goal Kickstarter (to make sure it got funded) for the BW deck you could generate a lot of interest that way for when you finish the color version and the coloring book - all great and achievable ideas. You could even offer some coloring books as backer levels or stretch goals...)