Tuning in via Scent?


Scents Affect My Energy?

Hey guys,

For the longest time, I have had this thing where when I smell a really odorous smell, like a perfume or cologne or other smell, it does something to me... Like, I can't explain it exactly but when I smell it I begin to feel a certain way. I feel like there are emotions or feelings attached to the smells, and when I smell them I go into a "different place" energetically. I don't know if there is any correlation but I'm an empath and so I'm often separately picking up on emotions and feelings throughout my day; more so now that I'm working.

Even with scents from candles or other scented products, some of their scents do the same thing to me. And just to clarify, not every scent or smell does this to me. I can smell most odorous things just fine without it doing anything, but just some smells affect my energy.

Has anyone had any other olfactory experiences like this? If so, what have you personally made of it?


I've noticed the scent of roses in a room where there were none, also cigarette smoke which I think was my Dad, and for a time the scent of pipe tobacco was very pronounced, no matter whether I was at home or outside. (I have also smelled cooking smells when no one was cooking, but I think that was faeries.)

To have such an emotional response indicates to me that you have a very strong gift of what I have seen called clairscent: http://www.anysiakiel.com/communicating-with-spirits/clairscent-scents-from-the-spirit-realm/


Hiya Chris!

Yep, i do got something a little similar like you, but normally i sense an smell that i normally connects with the other person predominant energy/emotions.

Some people i sense an smell of dust, like dust in books and shelves (Not a nice smell...i even want to sneeze when i feel this kind of smell).
I learned over time that this smell normally tells me that the other person has very old habits and it's not so fond of changes.

One smell that i feel in a lot of people is an smell close to old kitchens that don't are very cleaned, almost 100% of the times this person is going through a period of intense indifference.

But i can feel scents when i'm in a very balanced period.

But indeed i know what you mean...

I hope it helps!


I experience scents as well. They have always been due to a spirit coming around. Maybe this is a sign that a spirit is near for you as well. Do you have mediumship abilities? When this happens see if you can tap in and get more info through meditation/card reading/other divination techniques.


Thank you, all, for your great replies! You've given me some more things to think about now. Each of you mentioned some connection to spirits, but I've not really been nor have I had many experiences with mediumship or connecting to those passed on. But I think it would be a wise idea to consider that maybe it is someone "coming through" for that person. The thing is, it's just always so spontaneous when it happens that I never know when I need to be extra alert for it. lol