TV-Show on Tarot de Marseille today on ARTE


Thanks Coredil for this information.
De rien ;)

I found this show very interesting and nice done.
Though I notice that Marsilio Ficino has been many times mentioned on AT I have no clue if the theory explained in this TV-SHow has been discussed on this forum.

Here briefly two thoughts that were in this TV-Show:
. A great analogy has been founded between the temperance of the Tarot de Marseille and a fresco attributed to Boticelli founded in a the castle of Esztergom (Hungary)
. Marsilio Ficino might possibly be the man behind Tarot (or at least behind some cards) and some very subjective thoughts Ficino added in his translation of Platos works are seen in some details of some cards.

I found this TV-Show really entertaining :)

BTW for anyone who missed this and would like to see this film, ARTE allows to see it online during several days:
Here the link to the german version:

And her the link to the french version:

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