Two by Two


I wanted to share this little bit with you all, as I thought it was kind of neat...

I think I may have mentioned here before that I don't do daily draws with the FO because a day isn't quite long enough to really get to know the faeries in the cards!
Instead, I do more of a weekly draw, where I meet an old friend, who I have drawn before and get to know them better, or I am introduced to a new fae to visit with me for a while.

Something interesting that has been happening... is that when I cut the deck, I usually take the card on the top of the deck that I cut to....but lately, the card on the bottom of the deck in my hand draws my immediate attention...

...and everytime it has been a Singer.

It's almost like the Singer opens up the portal, and ushers in another fae (who is never another Singer... nor are they ever a Sidhe)

I feel almost like I am running a day care center...and the Singer is like a parent who comes in the door first, and once we have exchanged pleasantries, then introduces me to the child-like faerie...and we go off and play while the Singer stands by the door and watches silently to make sure we get along allright.

Yesterday the Singer of the Chalice introduced me to Ta'Om the Poet for the first time! :)
It was like seeing an old friend...Ta'Om and I had an instant connection, and we have an awful lot in common!

Right away, we were off...Ta'Om, sword in hand, taught me how to swing from the chandelier...and how it would work just as well off the mizzen mast of a pirate ship....and I taught him some new verses to a song I made up on the spot.

Whew it's been a fun day so far...and the week is just beginning!

Does anyone else get more than they bargained for? an extra Fae in your daily reading, or do they always come with an entourage? Just curious... :)


I've gotta problem...smiles. Whenever I do a faery card for the day, I can't just pull one, it's always 3 or more. I've never noticed anykind of pattern like you mentioned, a "parent" (singer) and then the more "child" faery. If it works, then hey...smiles, nothing wrong with that.


I also have never had such an experience, but it made me smile while reading it! I think your Fae are talking to you....

I love that you're taking your time to get to know them too, I think that's fab.......


It sounds like a lot of fun! Strangely, there are still a few fae who haven't come to visit me yet, although I'll have to agree with you that Ta'Om is a LOT of fun to have around. :)


I can't say I have had this sort of experience either :(

It does sound rather fun though! I have the same problem as sagitarian, I can't pull just one, 2 or three want to come out too. :)

~ Amaya