Two of Pentacles, Strength, and The Emperor..What do they mean?


I received three tarot cards in the mail in an unmarked envelope...can anyone tell me what they mean? The first card was the Two of Pentacles, the second, Strength, and the third, the Emperor. I'm new at this but very interested...can someone help me?


This story of tarot cards being e-mailed is a long-standing one.
I wonder so many things...

but first off: who's the fool spending so much to get decks he/she will send to others? :D

I'm joking, of course, as I think it must be friends, or acquaintances, or anyone anyhow who knows how to get your address.

But I don't like it:if that happenend to me I'd be damn scared.

As for cards, maybe you are going to strive for a better job/position, for a promotion. Fight hard! You're gonne be the winner!


If they appeared in a reading together, it would suggest to me that the querent will need to make some decisions regarding a business partner, or someone who shares a financial interest with him. It could be as significant as trusting another with your money, or recklessly lending money out.

My guess, is that they were chose by random, and sent to spook you as a joke.

None of them are threatening in any way.



Frankly, with all the terrorist crud,I wouldnt of opened them. Stuff has been spread through mail, I dont deal with "unmarked envelopes"