Two of Pentacles


Anyone ever seen this card as your ship coming in after a rough time? I was looking at the iconography the other day and noticed that one of the ships is actually heading towards the shore - normally they are bobbing on the waves emphasising either keeping your head above water or being able to ride this out or ride the waves. However, this card has the ship coming in - any ideas on that?

Bat Chicken

This one looks like a bunch of opposing forces - up, down, left, right...

A ship is often better to be further out to sea when a storm hits - less chance of grounding in an uncontrollable situation. So this looks like balanced RISK to me.... an investment...


I've worked out the message - if you don't do something soon, your ship will hit the rocks!


Ride the storm out... maybe get some distance between turbulent emotions and the hard facts... that it creates a precarious balance and requires a bit of juggling, not to get too caught up on one thing but still requires you do deal with it all in such a way you don't have your hands too full (multi tasking)... also to use the light approach, maintain your sense of humor, and remember to find the magic in all things... it's not all hard work or all hard play, but a blend to make it balance.

I didn't read the first post properly, my bad. Maybe for the ship coming in, is looking for a safe harbor, don't know if you've ever gone through rough water and raced a storm, but you are looking for some kind of place to get shelter from that storm, and try to find something on the leeward side of a land mass, so the force of the storm hits the windward side and is deflected around you and you are in a place of calm...

It could also mean you are about to run aground if you don't check your bearings or know what's under the surface.


I see this card as

keep trying to jugles things now maybe you can but if you keep it up there will be storms ahead.


The Two of Pents makes me think of the way we ‘juggle our life’ ~~ the chores and duties of the day ~ the things we need to remember this week ~ the plans we have for the months ahead ~ the unexpected things that always come along and change or mess up our plans.

The image is divided in half on the card:
Ocean vs. Land ~~ Storm at sea vs. Calm, quiet niche
Interesting, the colors in the sky echo that of her dress

How we handle our mundane life and the unexpected events will determine whether the storm is outside and away from us, or within ourselves ~
~ whether we are standing in a safe spot, or will be washed into the ocean by the next great wave.

Suz :heart:


I think 2's are a choice but in this case she wants the best of both worlds. She is trying attain as much benefit as she can and seeing how much she can make. the problem is if she does not make a decision soon she will loose all.

Ann Yu

In this case, in order to get balance, what you should do is not meditation, caution... but action, being playful to juggling the two choices :D
However, there's still a sense of firm here. There are two ships under the storm out there, but the girl is standing in a rock which represents firmness and stability.


I know I'm years late here, but I'm working through the forum and have some things to add to the 2 of pentacles conversation.
She is standing in a protected area of the landmass, guarded safely from the storm by the rocks and the tree. Thus her position in the situation allows her to keep on juggling, despite the storm that is brewing on the ocean. If she was in a different place (like the beach) she couldn't keep juggling things. So to me this card speaks of standing on solid ground so that you can continue the balancing act. Remember to not lose your spot and keep checking to see if you are still in a safe area to continue your juggling act.
Perhaps the ship coming in is looking to change their position, so coming into the safe lagoon, into a protected area from the storm. Maybe that is symbolic that even amongst the storm its possible to change your outlook on the situation and make some adjustments.
In the book, this card mentions playfulness and optimism. I really struggle with that. I suppose I do understand that staying optimistic really helps when you are managing many things, but I just don't feel the optimism in the card.