Two of Swords Decision Making Spread


Here is a decision/ problem solving spread based on the two of swords, enjoy being indecisive ( but not for long)

Pull out two of swords

1.-signifier 2of swords
2. nature of problem/decision
3. Thoughts on problem./decision
4. Feelings on problem /decision
5. Option 1
6. Option 2
7. External influences on both
8. Thoughts
9. Thoughts
10. Feelings
11. Feelings
12. Outcome
13. Outcome
14. Most likely outcome



I think I like this spread! But, just to clarify, #8 Thoughts/#10 Feelings/#12 Outcome go with Option 1, and #9 Thoughts/#11 Feelings/#13 Outcome go with Option 2??


Thank you, I hope you get use out of it, and yes that's the order :)


Seems like a great spread, looking forward to try it :)