Two of Swords - Gilded Tarot


Now the Two of Swords...the woman is very blindfolded by a heavy gold band. Unable to see what she needs to decide? Something like that?


Now the Two of Swords...the woman is very blindfolded by a heavy gold band. Unable to see what she needs to decide? Something like that?

With the two of swords I interpret it two ways. One is being blinded by others, the other is blinding ourselves. Pulling the wool over our own eyes, possibly to avoid a painful situation or avoid making a necessary choice or change. I think it's interesting that the swords are crossing over the moon. To me the moon speaks of our intuitions and psychic mind. I think another interpretation of the card could be not listening to your own inner voice or intuition. It's like in the picture she is completely blocking it out even though it's right under her and symbolicly right under her self concious. Another thing I noticed was the clouds again. They seem to be blocking the moon but not the swords or the woman in the picture. The feeling I get is if she would take off the blindfold she could use the swords to cut through the clouds (which I think shows confusion, or cloudy thoughts) and reach her intuition. The whole point is for her to feel comfortable enough in herself to first remove the blindfold. From my studies I have learned that the swords suit are for air and communication. So it's like she is not communicating with herself, not listening to herself. I hope that makes sense lol That's just the impression I get when I look at the card.


Two of Swords

I like your take on this card! The gold band is very heavy and and it looks like it's glowing. "Blinded by the light" comes to mind...

She does seem like she is in a fog..and needs to made a choice either stay "blinded by the light" or let the swords cut through.

So happy to have someone to discuss these cards with!


None so blind as he who will not see!
Mental illness - living too much in own world and not facing the outside world/reality.
Unconsciousness - especially if with 4 of Swords.
Sleeping Beauty - waiting for someone to come along and "give" her life.
Blind mans buff
3D ciniema/video games
Just some thoughts


With this card I feel as a person they can be a bit bi-polar! They can swing from being completely indecisive and delaying making decisions/allowing others to make decisions for them, or being completely impulsive and doing things on a whim without 'seeing' all the facts and consequences beforehand.

As a situation - a twist on those things mentioned above and also being at a decisive crossroads.


Three of Swords

Thanks to you all for your insights. It's very helpful to me.


I usually read it as being of two minds (as the Ellershaw accompanying book does), but have had it come up on a past position denoting forgetting to do something