Two of Wands


Can anyone tell me what the significance of the roses, lilles and cross are on the left side of this card?

Also why would one wand be bolted to the wall?

There's something that just doesn't click for me with this card no matter how much i read up on it and look at it.

Can anyone help with some new ideas?


I think the red roses signify passions and desires, the things that drive us, the lillies are for purity of thought and intent, sort of what drives our will and the cross, the four directions, the planes of existance, balancing the elements or something like that. I think the wand bolted to the wall is to signify solid past success and achievement. So the other wand is something new, being offered, something new to consider, an opportunity and deciding what to do about it.


I agree with WalesWoman.
My notes also say that the emblem of crossed lilies and roses show that physical desire and spiritual unfoldment are blended harmoniously.
The two wands shows live power surrounds the person in the card.


Oh, Ros! I really like that take about the emblem
physical desire and spiritual unfoldment are blended harmoniously
, it really makes sense and adds a whole lot of meaning.


Hmm thanks everyone,

I'm still working on this and thinking about it. Hard to explain but there's something that's just blocking me and this card. It always stumps me if it comes up in a reading.


I decided to really look at this card instead trying to rely on memory. The thingy with the lilies and roses on the left side of the card are also on the same side of as the body of water. It's also the same side that he holds the wand on, so maybe that wand has to do with emotions, following intuition, while he hold the little world in his right hand, using his logic and the whole thing is a question, which to choose?
The wand is resting on the wall, so I'd say his emotions, feelings or intuition are grounded on a solid foundation, while the logical/rational physical "reality" is resting in his hand, sort of floating in air and he does seem lost in thought, his "world" is so much smaller than the one he can see all around him.
Another thing I see, the wand that is bolted to the wall has some really big mountains behind it, which I believe has a lot to do with attainment, usually spiritual, but I think this one would be of his desires and drives. Wow, I finally noticed the tiny two towers (like on the Moon card?) just beside that wand bolted to the wall and it looks like a path with a fork in it. Yipes, this isn't helping to clarify this card at all, but it sure is making this interesting.