Two Turkeys Spread: For Giving and Receiving


This spread is designed to help you focus on how giving and receiving are playing out in your life, especially during the November and December holidays. Of course you can use it anytime, and you could even use the halves of the spread separately–for gift ideas, or when you feel a need to experience gratitude. The idea and layout are based on the time-honored U.S. Thanksgiving Day child’s craft of tracing a line around a hand and then embellishing it to make a picture of a turkey. (The thumb is the neck and head, and the fingers are the big tail feathers.)

Lay out the cards in the shape of the fingers of both hands (with palms down, like you’re drawing a turkey!). The dominant hand is the giving hand, and the non-dominant is the receiving hand. Please switch the diagram if you’re a lefty!

(See the attached pretty version for a more understandable layout diagram.)


The Prize Turkey (The Giving Hand)

1. Red tail feather: What action can I give? An action gift is the gift of work or help–lawn mowing, babysitting, a trip to the grocery store, etc.

2. Green tail feather: What physical gift can I give? Remember that the worth of a gift is not how much it costs, but how well it suits the recipient!

3. Gold tail feather: What knowledge can I give? A gift of knowledge could be teaching a skill, tutoring on a school subject, a gift certificate for lessons, a thought-provoking book, etc.

4. Blue tail feather: What can I give from my heart? An always welcome gift is the gift of yourself–perhaps an evening or day of fun or relaxation that includes your whole-hearted attention, with plenty of opportunities to listen, be a shoulder to cry on, show support, etc.

5. Head: What do I need to keep in mind about giving and generosity?

The Thanksgiving Turkey (The Receiving Hand)

6 - 9. Tail feathers: What are four things to be thankful for?

10. Head: What do I need to keep in mind about receiving and gratitude?


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Hi! I'm bumping this up in case anyone is interested in a Thanksgiving spread. Since I didn't get any posts on it back in 2013, I figure it's a failure, but maybe somebody this year will want to give my turkeys some love! ;)

Just kidding around (and trying not to sound pathetic). I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you for bumping this one! :) This looks really good and I have added it to our Tarot Spreads Index.