Tyldwick - Ace of Staves


Here is the beginning of the Wands/Staves suit, whose motto might be "I create, I do." Aces are raw power and show us what is possible. The Tyldwick Ace of Staves is a simple staff with no leaves sprouting or anything attached to it. It reminds me of a staff one might use in hiking to aid in climbing. And that is indeed what it is - a tool to be USED. The top has a most definite phallic appearance, which represents the creative energy available. The background of the card is a geometric design of squares, indicating a need to bring what we are enthusiastic about into solid reality. Also in the design are 14 smaller red squares - the same number of cards in this suit. The red squares remind me of 14 red match heads. Time to strike each one in turn and get the bonfire burning.



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On first glance I saw this as a bed sheet rolled up with a knot tied near the top. It gave me the impression that one might use it to escape from a second story window. A useful tool if you're trapped in a house!