Tyldwick - Eight of Swords


There’s only one reason to put barbed wire on top of a fence or wall – to keep people from climbing over it. Having spent part of my childhood on a large farm, I can attest to the problems of trying - attempts often ended with a trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot. But one thing I do remember about those acres and acres of fields enclosed by barbed wire fences. There was always a gate somewhere. So why stay here in this one spot and stare at the wall and wire? It’s a good excuse not to have to do anything. I can point and say, “I have no options.” Okay, maybe it does look like I am blocked with no way out from where I’m standing. But if I’ll move my feet (and my thoughts) instead of pretending I’m frozen in this spot (or get past the fear that’s keeping me here), I bet I’ll eventually find that gate.



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