Tyldwick - Justice


What I notice in the Justice card:

a set of scales
an ornate mirror
animals at the top of the mirror - strange bug-eyed birds and a lion's head (possibly)
unknown "dust-around" in the shape of a cottage
two vases of fresh flowers

One item that always seems to be in most Justice card is a set of scales, which for me imply fairness, equality and balance. It makes me think of trying to see-saw with my young grandson. He is so much lighter than I am, if we try to do the regular way I end up doing all the work because I am heavier. But if I make an adjustment - either put both grandsons on one end or move myself up the board toward the center point - the weight is more balanced allowing us to move more freely.

The mirror is a direct indication that before I go try to straighten out the rest of the world, I'd best take a good long look at myself. Where am I being unfair? What is in my life that is unequal or unbalanced? I need to correct the imbalances in my own life first.

I'm not exactly sure what the animals are that decorate the top of the mirror, but there appear to be four bug-eyed bird like animals and a lion's head at the center. The lion symbolizes that courage will be required of me for this task. The four strange birds might represent the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life. Rumer Godden once wrote, “There is an Indian proverb that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual . Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.” I can easily get comfortable in one "room" of my life and forget about the others; this card reminds me to do otherwise.

I have no idea what the "dust-around" is on the table, so I'm hoping to hear from someone else who might take a guess at what it might be. :)

The two vases at first appear very similar, but on closer inspection I see they are slightly different. For me this means fairness might not mean giving exactly the same thing to each person or situation. For instance, if one grandson wants to toss the football and the other wants to play with Legos, it wouldn't be fair to just do one activity with both and ignore the other. Plus, one thing might be appropriate for one situation but not for another. Sending heavy coats and snow boots to needy children in a cold climate would be useful, but not to needy children who live in the tropics.
The fresh flowers are lovely, but in a few days they will wilt and lose their beauty. I am reminded by the cut flowers that readjustment is not done just once, but something I must be alert for on a daily basis.



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Another beautiful interpretation.

I've never heard the term "dust-around" before. Is that another word for a figurine, which one dusts around when dusting?

It's difficult to make out, but it looks like some kind of building, perhaps a church? The back part of it appears to have a steeple - it's the tall, skinny pointed bit.

I've read a bit about the Justice card. Some say that it could indicate marriage, and we could use that to mean marriage in the traditional sense, or an internal marriage. The constant internal balancing (working on the marriage) we must maintain that the cut flowers seem to symbolize.

I don't know if it means anything, but I'm getting the impression that this image is set in a more private room, maybe even a bedroom. There seems to be carpeting and the card has an overall quiet, private feel to it. It also feels very feminine, which symbolically can be read as 'inner' or 'receptive'. Just tossing ideas. :)


Hi Upawell :). Yes, a dust-around is just some type of decorative figurine. I agree, it does look like a house with a chimney or a church with a steeple, and reminds me of the saying (often heard when told of a terminal illness), "Get your house in order."
The internal balancing (marriage or otherwise) seems valid too, and fits with your impression of this being a more private room.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this card; please feel free to add your ideas to any of the cards in this study group!
Hopefully those of us who have this deck can work together to create our own LWB (little white book) of meanings. I love having another set of eyes; they often see what I miss or see things in a totally different way.

Chimera Dust

I've been puzzling over what the animals on top of the mirror are. The one in the middle (built into the mirror) looks like a lion's head to me, but I can't figure out what the rest are supposed to be. They look like weird bugs to me! Maybe they're ribbons of some kind? I'd love to hear more thoughts on this one.


I've been puzzling over what the animals on top of the mirror are. The one in the middle (built into the mirror) looks like a lion's head to me, but I can't figure out what the rest are supposed to be. They look like weird bugs to me! Maybe they're ribbons of some kind? I'd love to hear more thoughts on this one.

I'm pretty sure the central animal is a lion, and I would guess the other ones are some type of birds (feathers are associated with "weighing the heart"):


I don't think the other animals are birds at all, but lizards! Adjust your perspective to see them as from above, climbing on the wall, instead of perched on the side of the mirror and it's easy to make our their legs and tails... and those buggy reptilian eyes.

The patterned backs make them resemble a stylized Common Wall lizard (http://www.surrey-arg.org.uk/SARG/08000-TheAnimals/SARGSpeciesData.asp?Species=Common_Wall_Lizard). "In the British Isles in particular, this lizard is associated with man-made habitats; particularly stone walls such as old houses, boundary features and castles." As for how lizards relate to the concept of Justice I have no idea!


Tyldwick Justice...

They are geckos. Transfomation, dream keepers, and they dance...letting go. They are a token animal, considered lucky in some cultures. Lovely bit in this card. Also, the flowers in the vases, very symbolic, Lilies and roses, both beauty and purity, but also death, and restored innocence after death. Both flowers are feminine in the extreme with nods to the Virgin Mary and Isis.


Justice / Fortitude (Strength)

I just cracked open my deck yesterday and noticed the positions of Strength and Justice (a la Rider Waite Smith) are opposite. While there are salamanders and a lion's head (typical Strength/fire sign symbols) on the mirror, there is a bird (feather on the scale of justice) on the Fortitude card. I think this is a tip-of-the-hat to the fact he's reversed the cards. :)