Tyldwick - Nine of Cups


Nine lovely decanters of perfume are lined up across a dresser. Smell can flood us with memories, change our mood and even influence our work performance. Our sense of smell is connected to the olfactory bulb, a part of the brain's limbic system that is often called the "emotional brain." Our brains forge a link between a smell and memory; when we encounter the smell again, the memory associated with it is recalled and produces an emotion. Here in these decanters are various moods we can choose from - the woodsy smell of confidence, the spicy smell of sensuality, the citrusy smell of focused energy, the fresh floral smell of an exciting beginning. These fragrances remind me that we do have some choice in the emotions we "apply." Like smell, what we do and concentrate on can flip a switch in the mood department. In this card, there is a sense of contentment and satisfaction because we realize whose hand controls that switch. It is a full, satisfied feeling, like eating a delicious meal that sates our appetite. But the smell of perfume once applied won't last forever; like that wonderful food that made us feel well-fed, we become hungry once again. While pleasurable, our "feel-good feelings" are only temporary. In addition, we still need to address those secret longings tucked away in the drawers of that dresser...



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Yes, totally agree about the sensual connotations to this card... the experience of smell is evoked strongly here. My second reaction is that quality perfumes are expensive! To acquire a sizable collection like this suggests that one is living comfortably; all the basic needs for survival have been met, now it is time to satisfy the desire for deeper happiness and enjoy the finer things in life.