Tyldwick - Page of Swords


Although you can't see it in his portrait, I am almost positive this young man wears a t-shirt that says "runs with scissors." This Page is elementally Earth of Air; the air is symbolized by the peacocks and the flute player, while the earth is symbolized by the statue of Pan (information and knowledge is orgasmic pleasure to this young man). What do you get when you mix lots of air with earth? Sand and dust storms as well as tornadoes that pick up and fling objects at 100 mph. This boy is quite a prodigy as far as intellect goes; the problem is that he hasn't developed tact, respect or sensitivity to the feelings of others when it comes to using that sharp sword. Everything is looked at from a scientific standpoint. Ask him if you should bomb a village hiding terrorists that would also kill many innocents, and he would look at birth statistics and decide they could easily repopulate in a few years. There is no empathetic filter on what comes out of his mouth; his brain is way ahead of his emotional development. The obelisks symbolize petrified rays of the sun (intellect) and form a gateway leading out into the world. It may take some work, but hopefully this Page will learn how to walk with his scissors and soften his sharp edges when appropriate.



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I have a crazy theory that the Page cards represent the four Chinese Celestial Animals: Staves/dragons, Cups/turtles, Coins/qilin and Swords/phoenix. I'll be the first to admit these bird statues resemble peafowl more than a stereotypical phoenix, but it was fun trying to find evidence to the contrary. You be the judge: http://craftza.com/images/tyldwick page of swords phoenix.jpg

In any case viewing the card "as if" it were a phoenix opens new interpretive possibilities. Like the Page, a phoenix represents the energy of new life. The Page of Swords is full of reinvigorated passion, ready to rise up and take flight.