Tyldwick - Three of Cups


High on a roof top are three urns, one of which has been put to use as a nesting site for storks. These birds have long been seen as symbols of good luck, fertility and abundance. The partnership of the Two of Cups has now produced something of worth and value, and now it is time to celebrate its success. Yet it is not just two people this card represents, but also a group of people ("tribe") who have common interests and use their love of this interest to support, encourage and create. The decorative iron gate is a large part of the image of the card and seems to be a protective measure. It is not meant to exclude so much as it is to provide a sanctuary for the sacredness and importance of celebrating this moment.



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I love the family of storks; what a beautiful symbol for the Three of Cups. The fancy gate makes me think of a formal garden party. I have the same sense that this is a welcoming and happy scene for those initiates who were invited to the gathering. Their celebration is happening very much "in the open" and is about socializing publicly, not retreating into privacy.