Tyldwick - Three of Staves


On top of a chest sits a model of the ship Santa Maria, the flagship of Columbus on his first voyage attempt to discover the New World. People generally don’t build historic models of cars, planes or ships that weren’t of some importance, so this card indicates reaching an important step toward one’s goal. The ship also makes me think of the phrase “my ship has come in.” This phrase originated in areas along the coast where families made their money from the sea; mothers and wives often had to run a tab with tradesmen for food, clothing or other supplies. When their husbands or sons returned and were paid, these women could pay off the credit they had been given (their ship - the one the family member was on - had literally come in). The Three of Staves is generally a positive card, showing the first results of a choice made and actions taken. But just as the ladies had to follow through on paying their bills, it also indicates a need to follow through with commitments and obligations.
The wallpaper of roses reminds me of the bouquets of roses often given to athletes and performers to honor them for their excellence and thus indicates a reward for accomplishment.
The chest has four drawers, the next number in the staves suit. To reach some lasting stability, more work is going to be required. Time to get busy cleaning out those drawers, and sort out what is important.


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The dresser and wallpaper make me think this is a child's bedroom. In this light the ship model looks aspirational--lovingly built by a young sailor who yearned for adventure on the high seas. I imagine the drawers were filled with materials they used to plan their maiden voyage: nautical maps, a sextant, spyglass and compass.

Where is that person now that they are grown up and gone? Boldly living their childhood dream? Or did their ambitions remain trapped in the glass box with a symbolic ship that was never actually sailed?


Three of Staves

First thing I noticed was the blue sky behind the Santa Maria. Also, the rug pattern reminds me of the sprigs of growth on the wands in RWS (and other) deck(s). Definitely achievement 'sprouting' as it were.