Unable to accomplish Lucid Dreaming


I hope it is ok to post this here. Not sure where else it could go lol

I have regular nightmares. I've always had intense nightmares, but ever since embarking on my spiritual journey a year ago, my nightmares have intensified in frequency

I've been doing methods to lucid dream, and nothing is working so far

I do daily reality checks every two hours, i meditate before bed, and repeat lucid dreaming affirmations. I also keep a dream journal

Then when I'm dreaming, nothing triggers me to realize I'm dreaming or to do a reality check.

These nightmares are getting out of control. My husband is having to wake me up almost nightly from some dream that is making me hyperventilate and twitch

I have no idea if these are simply from anxiety, or if something is trying to get my attention, or what. I wanted to start lucid dreaming so that if it is anxiety, i could just control them; or if it is something else, maybe i could understand

Do you have any tips or thoughts? Please nothing involving drugs :)


deleted due to no response/feedback (Mar28-17)