Uninterested? Un-caring? Which cards?


I am reading the cards for friends and family, and wondered which cards in the RWS mean that the person isn't interested in someone else. I find some cards hard to read especially when it is about ' sorry, not interested'. I would be grateful on your opinions. I believe the cards 2 of pentacles, 8 of cups, 3 of swords, queen/king of swords, 4 of cups, 4 of swords would mean the person isn't interested in someone else, who likes this person.


Page of Swords, scoping someone or something else out;

7 of Swords, only in it for himself;

9 of Cups, "been there done that"

...to name a few


How about the Hermit (not interested in a relationship right now).


Babychloe said:
How about the Hermit (not interested in a relationship right now).

i know cards have various meanings but i've been told the hermit is also viewed as waiting to illuminate the way for someone coming to him ... so is the hermit also waiting for a relationship in that way? (not criticizing of course, just tossing that in as another point to be considered) :)


the nine of pents has often been very "not interested" for me.

It can signify that the person is independent, content and happy to keep things that way.


Babychloe said:
How about the Hermit (not interested in a relationship right now).

Yup. And ill-dignified, or reversed, Lovers.


Magician, only interested in what's in it for them!


4 of Cups, most obviously to ME! :p "Naaaah don't THINK so!"

Ah you said that one - but that's the most disinterested of all the cards I think!

Reversed 2 of Cups, as well (ill-dignified if you use that system).

I agree about the 9 of Pents - I see that as the "off-limits" card, actually! Depends upon what's around it for what it means in context, but I can certainly see it meaning just that.

The Hanged Man - "Maybe I would be given different circs..."?

The Emperor, especially rx - "I'm all about ME thanx but no thanx!"

The Fool - OUGHT to be but isn't...

The High Priestess - like a cat, nonchalantly disinterested...

Death - goes without saying...

4 of Pents - MAYBE they are but darned if they'll let you know...

10 of Cups rx - "I'm very happy ELSEWHERE thanx!"

All come to mind - I guess I'm good at zoning in on this one...! :p


The more I look at the 2 Cups in the Original RW printing, I see the woman scrunching her eyebrow, frowning, and not looking happy at all with the man's gesture towards her, which is really at odds with the standard meaning of this card. :joke:


There are a couple of ways to look at this.

First is the idea of being self-absorbed, self-satisfied, self-possessed or self-obsessed to the exclusion of all else. The perceived "disinterest" in others or in the situation itself is mainly a byproduct of this concentrated focus. A few examples among the Minor Arcana that suggest either deliberate or forced inattention to external influences are the 4, 7, 8, and 9 of Pentacles, the 9 of Cups, the 2 and 4 of Wands and the 8, 9 and 10 of Swords. The Aces by definition - because they represent potential and not kinetic energy - would have no external projection unless and until "triggered."

The other idea is an overall neutrality of attitude or stance, tantamount to boredom or distraction. Minor Arcana examples would be the 4, 5, 7 and 8 of Cups, the 2 of Pentacles, the 2, 4 and 8 of Swords, although the Twos and Fours suggest "narrowed interest" rather than total disinterest.

The dynamic court cards (Kings and Knights representing Fire and Air) would seem to be more externally engaged and have less potential for disinterest than the more static, internalized ones (the Queens and Pages representing Water and Earth). The Kings and Knights of Cups and Pentacles might be an exception to the former due to their placidity, while the Queens and Pages of Wands and Swords are somewhat contradictory to the latter because of their elemental mobility.

The Major Arcana are a tough call because - as archtypal forces - they don't necessarily align well with personal objectives and prerogatives. A few that strike me as the most disengaged in this sense are the Fool (in a way similar to the Aces), the Magician, the High Priestess, the Hermit, Justice, the Hanged Man, Death and the Star.