Unity (faerie 1)


I've been reading some of these threads and felt inspired to take my deck out and pull a few one-card readings. One question I asked was if I would get to know a certain someone on a personal level. She is someone in the public eye and isnt in my personal life, but who I greatly admire and always have said to myself how perfect she would be for me, as a friend or someone to work with, as we have SO much in common. We live in the same city (Los Angeles) and I am very interested in television work, in being a personal or production assistant. I asked if I would perhaps get to work with/for her sometime in the future or otherwise get to know her on a personal level (like friends). The card I pulled was "Unity". :) I don't have much experience with these cards but, reading the description, I see it as a definite "yes" from the faerie realm. What are your thoughts/experiences on this card?


Unity would suggest to me that you and this person do indeed have a lot in common, "birds of a feather" but on a deeper level, this card has appeared to me before showing someone who is compatible "on the soul level," and soul-companion.

(Please note I did *not* use the word soul mate!)

I would read this card as simply, yes, you and this person may indeed find a time together to discover the Unity between the two of you. The very word "Unity" implies a plurality, where one thing has been united or combined with another, in order for both to become as "one".


random ramblings...

is this card male or female? hmm..

whilst the horns look at once masculine ("horned god" pan,etc.) they also seem feminine, with 'branches' like the diagram of the female reproductive system...hermaphrodite? or androgynous...

the spiral of unity reminds me of a dna helix...this reminds us that we all have more in common than we have different...we (all living things) are all linked by biology...we all share dna...we all hail from the same big bang (the glowing light reminds me of dust gathering to form new galaxies)

it seems that we all focus so much on what is different- we have to do this to define ourselves and be 'discerning' and make choices in the world...but i will now remind myself that these are temporary illusions, transitory against the eternal truth of Unity...


Furnacechant, I hope you don't mind that I cut and pasted this into this thread, but it was so poignant that I thought it really needed to be here to show how the Singers talk to us and teach us.

Furnacechant said:
Now shuffle the other cards and pull some out. 7 is a good number!" While I was doing that, Unity kept falling out, and I, like a dense human, kept putting it back, only to unexpectedly find it in actually my hand after the last time. I've never found this a very attractive card, for one thing it always looked to me like a roughly severed phallus with bloodied veins still attached( If I tried to think nice things I could make the veins be deer antlers, but didn't see what that was to the purpose), and moreover, though I'll probably get flamed to a crisp for this, I've never thought that "we are all one" thing was really so enlightened a concept as it purports to be( obviously I do believe in some kind of interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated things, or I'd not be bothering with tarot and oracle cards, but some people do get carried away with it). "Look AGAIN!! It doesn't mean what you think it does!". So I looked. And this time, first I noticed a central figure, which could almost be two figures with one standing behind the other, and then that there were actually two other tiny figures below that and two more above, and then many other figures, at least two in each branch, and that, finally, even the individual brush strokes of the artist could be seen as each representing seperate entities. "See? It doesn't mean everyone's got to be the same, all pursuing the same goals---they're not! But they're still connected to each other. Think about the name Unity---UN-IT-Y. You can't UNIFY just one thing (mental image of a single round blob of glue-paste), you have to have other things to stick together and make them part of something larger---but they're still themselves, too."


Well, this thread looked to be a thread with a specific intent for the OP, but it's also the thread linked to as the common thread for discussion of the card, so I'm go to drag it back up with my thoughts...

First off, my associations with this card were drawn to the idea of ascension up the chakra system, with a focus on Ajna, the third eye chakra. The imagery ties in to this, this the deep indigo coloring and the bright spot on what felt to be the third eye of one of the more prominent figures in the card. How I feel this relates to unity - it felt like an expansion of the vision, and an opening if the mind. An open mind allows more in, which allows more connections to be made.

I also see antlers in the image, as many others have, but the colors also had peacock-y vibes to me. Again, bringing unity into these two creatures - deer tend to be low-key in appearance, designed to blend in to their surroundings, while a peacock is quite the opposite. Deer have this quiet, patient sort of wisdom to them, while a peacock is notoriously loud and vain. I feel this card is showing the 2 creatures balancing one another.

Relating this card into tarot, I kind of feel as though it has aspects of the Ace of Cups, The High Priestess and Temperance in it.


I really hope no one minds me posting to these...
I want to post so I can sort through my own chaotic and discombobulated sences about each card. As I have said in other threads, I had lost my book and went through here reading and gaining insights. Then, I went through my deck by myself, finally letting my own eyes seek out the symbols and pictures.

This card, Unity, and all the Singers, are difficult for me, I don't do abstracts very well.
Plus, I hope I'm not going to offend anyone here, but many many cards show me a lot of sexual symbols. Like this one.
I see the very Sacred Act itself, the curved X being the female energy. The bright light being the life force coming together. I see many hands reaching for Spirit, as well as horns and roots. Its hard for me to get a grasp of the chakra points in this image because I can't identify the top of any figure, there are too many energies in that light to know.