Unknown spread - Please help!


Hello tarot community,

I'm and currently on the hunt for a spread to really stick to and practice with on a regular basis, and I'm feeling really drawn to a spread from a reading I had a little while back.

A card reader did this huge spread and I've recently tried to get into contact with her but had no luck so I do not know the name of it and I'm unsure on what each card position represented.

She told me my life like a story, going from my life at home, to my relationships, to my hardships, to my work, to life events, to the result of my intentions with work (at least I recall it that way).

From what I remember, she did multiple rows of 4, as if the first row was the first part of your life story, and the next row being the result or next stage of the story. After completing a row, if she wanted to expand, she laid 3 additional cards at the end of the row. It was very large and I remember her using more than half the deck and it consuming more than half her kitchen table!

For example
05-06-07-08 (09,10,11)
20-21-22-23 (24,25,26)
27-28-29-30 (31,32,33)

If anyone has heard or seen anything like this please help!! I really want to get into doing spreads for family and friends now that I've been doing them on myself for a while, and I really want to have this "one-stop shop" spread that covers all these different points.


Welcome to Aeclectic, chastenessofseagirls!

I don't think that's a spread as much as it's an idea - lay down x # of cards for whatever stages of the story you desire and if you need additional info, then lay 3 cards out next to that row.

I've seen variations of that method using 3 cards. Some readers use the whole deck each time, some only pull 3 cards at a time until they feel that they've reached a good ending place.

You could use preset stages or read more organically starting with whatever first jumps out from your first cards.

Good luck!


Thank you Rodney,

Goes to show I was looking in the wrong place haha I should have been searching inward for my own version of this spread instead of outward for what I hoped to be a step by step guide.

This really proves to me there's still a part of myself that isn't trusting my instinct and feels a need to have someone hold my hand through this.

I thank you for this insight and hope you have a wonderful day =)