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I had one other scare, not a huge one but left me shaken a bit. It was in that same empty office block in Edinburgh. One of my cleaners mentioned to me that he hated working in a certain area because he felt eyes on him or that something was behind him, kept turning round but of course nobody there. So I thought ooooooh I want to have a wee look :)
The place had automatic lights, only went on as you walked under them. So in front of you was always a long dark corridor or a vast empty dark office space filled with filing cabinets & desks. Creepy at the best of times! LOL I went to the bit he spoke about and waited. Felt a presence but couldn't "see" it. Turned round & round like a lighthouse to try and locate it - must've looked mad!
Then I felt it ...full-on scarey, really seriously did not like it. The nearest I can describe it to is - you know when you're standing alone at a cash machine in a bad part of town, nervous and jumpy, & then some dodgy looking youths come up too close behind you silently - like that. imminent threat. I felt it right on the back of my neck, and the overwhelming urge was to run like hell. :)
And then I got my mind under control, knew that no spirit can harm, knew that this was probably the one-time office boss/bully, trying to do what he had always done in life, scare people. So I said (inside my head, not wanting my staff to have me sectioned LOL) I said to him "this is MY time, MY space, MY place to be so you can sod off". (Knees rattling like castanets :) ) I had to beat this, otherwise I would have been scared to do my job. So the feeling was still there still strong, but I forced myself to walk away slowly.
Then next night I went back with the camera. Located it and got a hell of a ghost pic that scared me worse than ever LOL!!! Got a column of mist from the floor to the ceiling, right in the middle of the pic. Got scared all over again when I saw it !

Dancing Bear

Love these stories!!
LOL CN I would have been a bit worried with knocking on a door you KNOW no-one is behind it!! Creepy stuff really..
But these days the curiosity gets the better of me and i would have had to investigate LOL!! Getting my head chopped off Ming would have been a sure thing LOL!! You know what they say Curiosity killed the Cat!! Lucky i am human though ;) LOL!

WOW Ruby Rain !! Its nice when someone else hears what you do, its guarentee that your not going mad LOL!!
But be mindful If your dog is happy with this presence and contented , there is nothing to worry about.
Animals can sense good in people and spirit.. The other bit you mention
Sounds like you are doing a bit of astral travelling.
I know someone who is dedicated to this, If you need someone who knows all about it and much more professional than me on that subject.. Just pm me and i will let you know how to get in touch with her.. She is a gorgeous person. ;) she will be more than willing to talk to you and help out with control of Lucids and Astral.


Ruby, that is a great story! And, as DB says, not to worry as if it was a bad spirit your dog would've let you know. I wonder if it is someone who use to live there?

Ming, :laugh: I remember you sharing that story with us all on the psychic circle--didn't we use the pics there once? Wee little ming! You may be tiny but you are strong! scaring that ol' spirit into his place!

mzansi-afrika, if that happened to me, I'd cleanse the whole house! that does NOT sound like a good spirit to me.

DB, that particular house was quite haunted. You could feel it as soon as you walked in the house. the bedroom doors were constantly opening and closing--sometimes slamming shut and you'd even see the door knobs turning! My mil was terrified there when she visited. The TV would suddenly come on (at all hours of the day or night) and the channels change. Or, we'd be watching TV and suddenly it would turn off! I'm not sure it most of the spirits were from the funeral home across the street or what. I do know that my neighbors also had experiences, the one neighbor went into the basement for something only for her basement door to be slammed shut and locked from the other side! (She was home alone---or thought she was!). So, many of the homes right in that area had these experiences--tho her experience was truly the scariest.

Gotta love the spirits, eh? :D


Is quite comforting to think that maybe this is a teenager in spirit with a crowd of his mates trying to have a laugh :) Even if it's totally wrong - it makes you feel better LOL


Ming Wow! I love your descriptions especially your knees shaking like castanets. LOL

Thanks for all the reassurances that the spirit was probably kind. I was really more scared that it was a live human!

I always wonder when my cat start stares at that the ceiling for no reason I can see, who they are seeing. LOL

DB~ I sent you a PM and it sent you three copies. My browser went haywire, sorry about that!


celticnoodle said:
mzansi-afrika, if that happened to me, I'd cleanse the whole house! that does NOT sound like a good spirit to me.
Do you have any suggestions of how to? Is it by simple intent and prayer alone or do you think maybe some rituals can be added to that as well. Around that time i got the bad dreams i always turned to look behind me as i walked about at home. Strange thing to do when you all alone, and to think i stopped fearing the dark eons ago, but that night i had to keep the light on. <shudders>.
Thank CN and (anyone else!)for additions.


PM sent to you M.A.


I'm resurrecting this thread for another odd experience I had.

Because I'm all alone and kind of bored, I went looking for my reading thread in the Cat Deck Exchange. Just when the page was loading, I was sure I saw the words "Lion's Paw". I thought that maybe this was the name of the Spread of the Month or something. But when the page was fully loaded, I looked at the whole thing up and down, and those words were no where to be seen.

Cougar is one of my animal guides, aka "mountain lion". And a couple of days ago, my Reiki teacher mentioned seeing three dark shadow-spots in her apartment, arranged sort of like a pawprint. I told her I thought it might be Cougar, staying with her to keep an eye on her. (She has been having health issues, BIG ONES, lately.)

So what was it? A message from my spirit guides? If so, what does it mean? If not, what happened.


I only have one story. It took place at a house we owned on a gravel road. In our front yard was a concrete pad that had a basketball goal erected at one end. You could see this out of the front window, and we sometimes used it for parking, but mostly it was just empty. Around to the side of the house was an old outbuilding my then-husband used as a shop. He was in the shop when this happened.

I noticed out of the front window an older model pickup truck parked on the pad, and a man walking down the driveway in the direction of the shop. I thought nothing of it, my husband knew lots of men who would come around to have things fixed or talk about work (he was a building contractor).

I turned away for a few seconds and when I looked back, the pickup truck was gone. I don't know what made me do it, but I went and shouted out the back door, 'Hey! What happened to that guy who was just here?' My ex came of the shop looking shaken. 'Did you see him, too?' he said. 'He was standing outside the shop and I went like this' [holding up one finger in a wait-a-second gesture] 'to turn off the machine so I could hear him, and when I turned back, he was gone.'

That was freaky. I saw that truck and him as plain as day, and IN ANOTHER BUILDING and from a completely different angle and perspective, then-husband saw him, too. He says he didn't recognize him, never saw him before.

We later found out that the concrete pad had formerly been a small shop, and that a man had died there when an engine block fell on his chest.

That's my only story.


He was popping back to check on things maybe :)