~ Unusual ways of dealing the cards


I'm sure you look incredibly professional...;)

I draw mine face down...no preferential treatment that way...


Okay...in the R.A.T.s vein. So there you are in a bar, some sort of queue, on a plane, or train…you get the idea.
Take a piece of paper…number it from 1-13…put the letters S-W-C-P above the numbers. Have the individual circle number and a letter…Instant RAT! Have them pick 3 (keeping track of what suit goes with what number [take notes])…do a full 3 card reading!


With regards to throwing all the cards in the air, I sometimes do something very similar (and I always include this 'spread' in my courses):

On either a largish table or the floor, I place a 'reading' cloth (a sarong used for the purpose), on which I flip each card one at a time. I then read the pattern it makes in light of the cards turned upright.

It's quite a wonderful exercise!


I just loved ur method of dealing... Just needed a clarification please!
U said - "I get the quarent to shuffle the deck and cut it in half. They then cut the each of the two halves again. These get place above position 2, 3, 4 and 5"
Once the querant shuffles the deck and cuts it in half, then again cuts each of the two again to get 4 sections, how do u know which section goes over 2, 3, 4 and 5??


I read the cards in patterns where they lay. I shuffle them until several fall out, sometimes one or two or two or three stacks, and then I consider the shape and placement of each card or group of cards, and read them in relation to each other. For instance, if the Ace of Pentacles falls out by itself and the six of pentacles, seven of wands, and knight of swords fall out together, I know that a young man with good ideas is working hard with his education to make something happen and that it is going to pay off. Some patterns move up like a ladder, or across like a bridge. The question that I initially read for is to see the current situation and then when I feel like I see it, I ask to see the future.