Upcoming deck, Kickstarter coming


No![emoji24] I was so looking forward to it! I already missed the campaign.... will there be another one on kickstarter? And when?


I doubt it - the artist seems to have let her down big time. But what a welcome change to see refunds - I've been involved with two kickstarters that went pearshaped already :( One of which was about 500% over funded and the guy is still running other campaigns and selling his stuff elsewhere :mad:


I apologize wholeheartedly for the disappointment. It was unprofessional on my part to not issue a contract. The Kickstarter was also to pay for cost of living so my artist wouldn't have to work his day job for two months as he finished the deck, which factored largely into why he was paid up front.

I have not been successful in getting in contact with him for the last two months. I have decided to cut my losses and spend the remainder of this year paying back Kickstarter backers and then starting from scratch in 2017.

I do ask for patience during this period of refunds. I understand that this is frustrating, but it is not possible for me to pay it all back at once- especially since I already paid for some of the Kickstarter perks and had them made (such as the reading cloths and postcards and posters).

Thank you everyone for your support thus far. It is great appreciated.


You could try selling off the perks here ? Recoup some of your money.

Bad luck, Fiona - but thanks for being so honest. I wish a couple of other kickstarter people who took the money and ran had your ethics.

Luna's Crone

me too. Its a good Idea Fiona that Gregory had about selling some the kickstarter gifts here.


oh my god how dreadful. it looked like such a powerful deck as well.