Upset! Need a Spread suggestion for my Shaman deck


I recently bought a Animal spirits knowledge cards (paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet). I was immediatly drawn to it. The deck, is so beautiful and pulls me in. My problem is, its nothing like my Dragon tarot deck. I am completly unable to figure out how to read it. It gives the animal spirits discription on the back of the card.

However, what spead to use eludes me. :(

I could really use some suggestions. It is a Shaman type deck.


From what I understand, there's only 48 cards to this deck, which means it's nothing like a tarot deck. Doesn't mean you can't use a spread, but it'd probably be better to do the easy 3 card bit with these cards. Or you could make up spreads for particular animals. Like a "snake" spread, or an eagle spread (you know, head in the center, three cards to either side in "wing-like" curves). Just a thought.


in another thread, we talked about using it in conjunction w/ a pendulum. spread out the cards and let the pendulum pick the cards. i don't thing that the animal spirit cards were created to be an oracle or divination deck. i think they are more like a display of susan seddon-boulet's art w/ info on animal spirits/totems. i think it would be interesting to use as clarifiers w/ a deck of medicine or sacred path cards by jamie sams or some other native american deck.