Urgent need for I ching input please!!!!


Hi guys!
I am having a franticly fearful and agitated client (shamanic prblem )
e- mailing and skiping from the Eastern US...

Now she did an I ching reading for herself and got

I did iching today and I got 62.3.4 to 2...
end quote

I know next to nothing about I Ching and would love, to hear, how you interpret this.
Her main concerns right now is being hexed by a co worker and protection for her family......
Thank you!


I am not an I Ching expert but guess she drew hexagram 62 for the present with changing lines 3 and 4 leading to hexagram 2 as the future, you can see those lines are different in the two figures.


I am only a beginner in I Ching and may well have got things wrong, so take this with a pinch of salt okay Mi-Shell :) I have never read for anyone but myself yet :) :bugeyed: :cool2:

Hexagram 62 is called Hsaio Kuo and it's associated phase is "The preponderance of the small". It looks like an "H" with broken lines and two unbroken lines in the middle. It's basic idea is that you cannot achieve big things at this time, you have to aim for small things to make gains. Also it could be about noticing tiny details and changes. It's really a message of taking one step at a time, not a giant leap, appreciate the small victories!

If 2dogs is right about the line changes, lines 3 and 4 become broken and it does make Hexagram 2. Those lines were the only unbroken lines before and Hexagram 2 K'un is entirely broken lines. So H becomes two columns if you can imagine it. This Hexagram is "The Receptive" and is about listening to advice from friends, counsellors and others. This is not a sign of weakness but the need for advice or influence from another person. Progress comes from listening to those they respect and trust.

To look at the changing lines, line 3 when it changes has a meaning of misfortune or someone attacking someone from behind, this could have worried them with the idea of the Hex. "If one is not extremely careful, Somebody may come up from behind and strike him". However go back to the initial Hexagram and watch for tiny details.

line 4 changing is also a warning about yielding and not giving in or moving. "No blame. He meets him without passing by. Going brings danger. One must be on guard. Do not act. Be constantly persevering". It's meaning is not to act but just persevere where they are for now!

I hope this relates in some way Mi-Shell, perhaps they need to get advice from someone in the hexagram it becomes, they can be impartial to their problems.

There is people on AT who are much more experienced in this area than me but that is my attempt at interpreting it, I think it's okay :) You can look up the hexagram numbers on google and see what they look like and see many many different interpretations. I am not sure what she actually asked or if it was for the day but hope that helps :) :heart:


Hi 2dogs and danieljuk! ♥
Thank you for the help interpreting that!
This client is not very versed in interpreting the IChing herself, but she is in a lot of trouble and totallllly stressed out and filled with fear; so much so, that she is packing up he sick daughter and flying from Philadelphia up to Central Ontario, where I live, just to see me.
Confidentiality does not allow me to go into details of what is wrong, so I can not say too much. But at least for now I can help her with this one and will mention that I had help by friends with that.
Blessings to you!


all the best to her Mi-Shell! :heart:


The meanings in the Visionary I Ching are very similar to what Dan said: Don't try to achieve any big goals, pay attention to the smallest details, be very cautious, alert to danger, aware of the surroundings, plan escape routes, then accept what comes, concentrate on feelings and how to respond to it, stop trying to make things happen. I hope it goes well :).