use the spirtual/divination to help you learn the tarot


Hello for those who visit the archived forum, you may wonder what the spirituality , and divine forum were about (for those who don’t know what divine and spirituality are, and new to the tarot ).
Simply put it was an area where we could talk about angels, using the third eye, dreams, using reiki, studying reiki, which was things that wasn’t directly connected to the tarot. Why talk about it here ?
Well you can apply many of these spiritual teachings to the tarot., I remember when I was 16, I used the sun card to clean an aura and to send healing light into a house for the teenager who lived there messed around with divination and asked questions about spirits and the devil. Yes that is an extreme case and now I am 42 soon, I would go about it differently (no clue how). But yes you can incorporate many of these topics into your reading some examples off the top of the head.

Study the chakras as you read the tarot, so you can use it to read the chakras!,this is already built into the chakra spread and its variations.

Numerology , there is 2 to 3 books on that using, and studying the tarot with numerology , there is a way of associating the cards with adding system , like 1 plus 2 makes 3,,so the death card relates to the emperess.

Astrology ,it isn’t on the spiritual forum but it is there underneath, and you can see more books going into depth on that.

Dream and tarots,, there is a couple of dream spreads and if you are gifted,(or really interested in dreams aka have lots of dreams books etc) you may find your study with the tarot growing through dreams so you can relate to some tarot as dreamscapes.

Automatic writing, if you are gifted in that regard perhaps you can use it to divine some meanings on the cards and lost teachings.

Crystals and tarot cards, there is couple of themes crystal tarot out there so you can harness your knowledge of the crystals with tat.

Past lives with the tarot. There are some past lives spreads you can find , and karma. Ohh if one just focused on karma aspect of the tarot in conjunction with past lives (if you used greek tarot, you would end to get old Greece lives, if you used native American odds are, you going to see a life based on that )

Remote viewing with the tarot , when you see the card you use it as a remote view trigger to travel to a place that has that type of land scape, or that type of colour perhaps. Suppose you see a lady , and so you close it and remote view the lady in the card.
(before moving on there is one or two book that talk about using mediation to interact with the cards and talk to them as archtypes , perhaps inner archtypes , so remote viewing can help with that ).

Scrying with the tarot, crystal ball with the tarot.
The way I see is you flip a card, and it tells you what situation/image to look for then you use that as a mental to trigger the scry, crystal ball. Otherwise you can end up like remote viewing and using the card as the scry itself despite not being reflected.

So now we reach clairovance and the psychic senses, but first let share what is in spirituality as used in the spiritual forum.
That is anything where you interact with the spiritual forces like angels, god, buddha, ascended masters, healing with reiki, psychic gifts and vision, and shamanism. (there are course more topics but just keeping it simple for now ) so the teachings, and interaction comes through interacting with other aspect be in inner like the innerself, true self,, Christ self, and the outer aspect , one spirit guide, one higher self.

The main difference between psychic readings and spiritual readings is in the first you are using other senses like clairovision,smell,feel, hearing, and knowing(the crown, It is like inner dictation) just reading the other person, or the situation with that you receive..there is hardly any interaction with a spiritual force. (it is mostly focused on site and hearing and no so much on the crown, as the crown leads to the next part.)

And the next part is the spiritual forces which can guide us, (if we focus on highest level of interaction so we attract the best loving guidance ).
So here you can open up to angels messages as you read,, mediumship messages if you are gifted in that regard. If one uses animal based tarot perhaps they can use shamanism, especialy if they studied the gifts of animals.

And you reach kind of a grey area for if a person is using their eye and crown, then spiritual logic ( yeah here is logic to spirtuality and psychic experiences despite it being highly personal at times ) dictates that eventually they will start to receive more messages from the spirits like angels , or guides.

And if a person starts off just focusing on their crown eventually the third eye will get activate and they will receive in some way messages that didn’t come from spirit per se but what they are receiving. Kind of like a book I read where the author said to the effect that if a person works on their chakras through mediation, they will have psychic experiences sooner or later.
Perhaps a tarot reader or two who had no inclination to have such experiences but love doing readings and then share that they all the sudden felt this,, saw that,, and it was right ! are they psychic/gifted ?
Well yes sir ,(ma’am ) we all are gifted in many ways (but the beauty of that is we are not gifts in all ways so that leads to people who are great at using their third eye but can’t get any message with their psychic ears , for example )

But wait,,there’s more !.
What if you are a person who just sees the tarot as cardboard,it is about reading people (not cold readings but you give the message and you can tell you hit a chord) and didn’t’ have a psychic experience that could be said to be spirit based or psychic gift based. I have thought about it hard for otherwise what is the basis of the idea that tarot leads to psychic gifts being opened, and spiritual messages that I am making. My idea is that the person approach who is so logic based that they use both sides of the brain (as do we all when we read the tarot I feel ) so the intuition comes from the other side of the brain so fast that it seems like super logic !!). so I ask if you are such a person to honestly look back and say the good results you had , were they really just tarot meanings expanded by your experiences or could there be another outlet at work here guiding you (be it your intuition or your spiritual awareness/opening ).

That is for you to decide , lol, you could probably make the argument that it is the super logic of the brain that is causing us to experience what we experience eheh, but moving on.

The main point I wanted to make is ..
Tarot doesn’t have to be apart of divination, or spirituality but it can be a major part of its development and not just a tool.

I been thinking a while now about what type of post to make regarding this, and it might boil down to tarot meaning vs intuition. Why do they have to conflict each other? well the answer is if you don’t use the cards, you are not doing a tarot reading, you are doing a psychic reading, or spiritual reading. (I recall one book where the practicing psychic would lay down the cards pretending to read the tarot but instead of disguising practicing psychic readings).

I have long said first learn the tarot meanings then use your intuition but after 15 to 16 years on our way out of the forum I am changing that !! for if you just study book meanings you are teaching yourself to just use your memory and what I call tarot logic and most likely can and will create some blocks to intuition. Although if you fear intuition, and psychic experiences opening to intuition, clairvoyance while studying the tarot might be too much.

There is a book called conscious channelling from the Akashic translated from Hungarian that you can read the book review on aeclectic currently that I read, it is a good read except for one part of the book that I didn’t agree with, and that was pretending you were reading for others.
It isn’t a new concept, one technique of learning the tarot is to pretend you are doing an reading for someone who isn’t there, well we don’t’ have to do that anymore we have people we can easily access by tarot groups, forums, etc., that we can practice on!
So, going back to the pretend technique, I don’t think you can flow that good using that technique unless of course in theory the spirit guide gives you pretend information.

I have a better idea. And that will work with almost any of the divination/psychic/spiritual technique you are going to use to study the tarot. Apply it to learning the card.!

You are learning clairvoyance so you pull a card and try to see each meaning, you read after the meaning behind the card. but the main thing is you use the card as a doorway to your senses. It is the tower card so you might see great towers experiences, you might even see more personal experiences.

You are clairaudient. you see the card and you start to hear poetry, start to hear music, songs. Suppose it is the six of swords, and you might hear people singing as they travel., (like the elves did in lords of the rings movie as they left middle earth)

You work with spirit guides so you pull a card and ask for channelling on it, what you get is inner dictation (perhaps that is how I get if, flashes of intuition) and get 1 good posts on it, then you read the book meaning after.

You perhaps know reiki so you see the card let’s say the page of wands, and so images might come of what kind of symbol the boy could use, in this situation, and in that situation.

You may know numerology or studying it so you see 3 of cups, and start to think of what 3 means in that context. and after you look at the book meaning.

You are the dream master, so when you see the card you think of all the dreams that applies, may even make up a dream as you day dream with the card to a deeper sense of the main symbol in the card.

So, moving on.

When I say the book meaning, I mean you look at the authors thoughts (usually a good book will talk about the symbolism, author thoughts behind the card, then the actual meaning).,
And based on what you have experience just with your own system, /gifts and the thoughts, pick the meaning that means the most to you. and then what do you?

Restart again your exercises to see if you get even further message about the card.
As this is a really draining exercise you will want to make sure you got time, but also well rested for this.
(and since I use reversals, perhaps when you go back reverse the card, or save the reversal for another day so instead of 78, you go through the tarot in 156 days).

This is extra activity so you can read for others on forums, groups. Or do another thing with the tarot. the main thing is this.

Grow the fastest using all your gifts with the tarot!

I give you two rules now I thought of us when I was laying down.

1. Don’t get to the point, using numerology for example that you see a card and start using it as a numerology reading without looking at the tarot card.

I was guilty of that for a long time, I wanted to keep the initial energy going so I would sit there, just see the death card, or lovers card and quickly remember the meaning and went off from there. sure, I may of did some good readings at the time, but I didn’t look at the card for its individuality (important when using different decks for usually you end up with that card for what can be revealed on it).
It wasn’t until I wanted to open my intuition more (I know sounds like step backwards to get away from the initial channel to look at the card to look deeper at the card,) however I was missing perhaps looking at the card for the position of the figure. Or perhaps I was meant to look at the house in the background on a certain card to get a message about the home.

The ideal is the system of divination helps you to see the card at a different level, and in my case, it was my own guidance telling me to open more up to the third eye and feeling of the card rather then keeping It purely intellectual in the crown.

Originally, I started using numerology with the tarot for those moments when I get stuck yet at one point I found myself using the system rather then reading the tarot card itself. (or I quickly glazed over the card so I could get the other card connected by numerology).
Now suppose you were using clairvoyance and instantly saw something well clairvoyance is different for other people, mine isn’t that high where I see a vision like a movie. instead I see movies or something so I add that into the reading currently instead as apart.
And practice readings, challenging yourself (see my thread on bye to the reading exchange for more tips)

Ever see the karate kid where Mr. miyagi tells Daniel, rule number, karate for defense only, rule number 2, quickly learn number 2.
I am going to go a different route

2. With experience.” quickly transcend rule number one “don’t be afraid to break it.!!
So now after with you experience you look at the whole card and you brain, being has been trained to look at the card meaning, symbolism, meanwhile doing a check for flashes of intuition.
(or receive message from spirit guides, angels, a quick number association, a quick dream association, all the sudden the astrology meaning comes to you strong).
Explore it, embrace it, it should relate back to the tarot meaning/imagery in a new way or one you may have forgotten for years. If explore the tarot with a new system.
You see by now you have taught yourself to read the tarot but more then that you have also develop your gift/interest as well.

3. go with the flow

I have found that after the reading in live readings sometimes I can make a story out of the cards when I gather them up, or I can group them into little groups for further details.
You mean find yourself going off with your gift to write a little story, (that is when making a story based on a card reading focus practice comes in handy), poetry, describing more what comes.

4. Follow your gifts/interests.

That means that john Edwards said in his book he studied the tarot and moved on from that. (one of his biographies), I think that if you keep your mind open especially if you had studied the tarot in conjunction with the psychic/spiritual gifts that you will begin to see people and get messages in tarot form sometimes like see a card when looking at people when they ask you a question. You could also be drawn to say study the tarot again but with a different system.

5. The tarot teachings will always be a part of you.

Imagine that, you spent 78 days to longer interacting with the tarot at a deeper level then if you had just sat there trying to learn its meanings by itself. it will be there even more if when an tarot idea pops into your head and you give it more power then just saying perhaps,,nah that is just tarot when thinking of a situation. don't go ask the tarot for a reading,, it already gave you the answer in the card you saw.

6. Spiritual teachings can apply to the tarot to study.

I left out to the last, for I wanted to focus on the other aspects of divination/spirituality but this is just as important for some. Whatever path you have,, It might easier if you pick a deck that matches your interest. Connolly tarot for Christian (although it is said Waite was a Christian and so most Waite/smith imageries should suffice) soul truth cards another Christian theme deck that has osho Zen kind of artwork. and since I mention osho Zen that is good for Zen.
And then you have the buddha tarot, wiccan tarot. Jungian tarot!!

Now picture this, you went through with gifted path, and decide to explore a more spiritual path that should deal with philosophy, religion, and/or psychology, or even cultural path. (could be interesting).

With so many tarot cards out there, and new books coming out every year, that one can just look at new decks for a year ahead from here to 2018. the famous psychology tarot Arthur as a book coming out in March 9 months from now
Tarot of the Future: On Becoming a Spiritual Individual
Wow, imagine working the tarot with that spiritual/psychological approach
A new angel tarot in October 2017. by clairvoyant.
The spirit within tarot sept might be a good tarot to explore using one intuition.
The healing light tarot should be a good deck to explore spiritually
The new celtic tarot in sept might be good to explore past lives as a celt.
And that is just what is listed, who knows what might be listed in 2020 for you to use as your spiritiual, philophy , mental(psychological ) journey aid.

That is excellent for mediating and understanding the thing is it doesn’t do your client good if you are blissing out when seeing a card(traveling the cosmos being guide on a epic journey) , having a great vision eheh. (had the image of jim Morrison doing his the end song leading you to it)
So that part of exploring it deep is best used for study..
Unless of course you are meant to reveal to her or him the epic vision.

Humour aside,, good luck, you get out of this what you put into it. and remember travel the path, it can help you in your next gifts for you have it more just a tool but as a mean of understanding life !