Using different decks for one spread


I like using more decks (actually now I have just begun to use two, Aquarian and Gill), even though each deck as its own personality.
Personally, if I read a book or anything explaining the meaning of the cards (yes, I NEVER read a book, I just peek 78 Degrees of Wisdom now that I have it), and especially if I read a book relevant to a specific deck (I am going to, right Kiama? ;)), I would just add the new knowledge gained to the one I already possess, and try to use it regardless of the Deck. This may sound stupid, because decks have different designs, correspondences and all... nut I think it does no harm, as, from the general knowledge that I have (I repeat, relevant to MANY decks) I will only pick what will suit me in that moment, what I feel is right, what makes sense... And, using a specific deck in that moment will move me towards the specific messages of the card in THAT deck predominantly. Not too far from general, not too close to the specific Deck.



Hi, Diana!

If nothing else, recreating the spread with different decks must be good practice!

I would expect the same message from the decks, but perhaps put in a slightly different way. When I'm reading for someone, if I find I'm not getting a lot from a particular card, I will often visualise the same card from another deck. It probably helps that I have a fairly photographic memory! I've even been known to dig the matching card out from another deck to show to the client if I feel the picture says it all - eg for the 3 Swords from the Spiral, I once rooted out the same from the Goddess, as I knew the client would entirely relate to the more graphic image. They are, of course, both derived from the RW, so that probably helps.

I think we can all help each other with their readings because each card holds such a wealth of meanings - it's up to us to "tune in" to the right ones!


1) yes, this might actually be useful, though i never do it. i think it gives about the same message, only from a different viewpoint, as the pictures are different on the cards.
2) maybe you would get the same cards, maybe not. i don't think that really matters, coz the cards will tell you anyway what is there, only from different viewpoint. so 1 and 2 are the same answer i think......

must try this thing to see what i get....



i was just mentioning this to pollux. that we should start a thread on reading with more then one deck.
it is an established method. yahoo has a group devoted to it called "comparative tarot" even though at the moment they are more about collecting decks then reading with decks. (it is a great source for finding new decks to put on your wishlist)

i recommend doing a comparative reading with decks you are not familiar with. have your old "comfort" deck handy and see it as a wise companion guiding you as you explore this new deck.
or take two very different decks - one calm and grounded and one lively and with lots of air energy and see what you can come up with.

i do comparative readings especially when i :
1, have a new deck i don't know so well
2, get stuck in a reading
3, feel in a slump about reading in general

it brings in energy to the reading!
you can hang up your readings on new details.

my "comfort" deck is the Gill.
if i am stuck in a reading then i know Gill can bail me out:)

i would however advice against bringing in too many decks in a reading - at least if you want it to be a reading.
it would work just fine as an exercise - but generally when i do a reading i would be too distracted by too many energies pulling in different directions. the sheer amount of details would make my head spin.



YES! I think it can be very useful - I might not do it if I was having a "client" that I was reading for (and then again, I might do it anyway... :D), but since that has never happened yet (me having a client to read for), I do this all the time. Especially, as Jema said, when getting to know a new deck - it's great being able to compare energies from different decks!

NO! I don't think you'd be getting the same cards, if you had chosen a different deck from the beginning, especially not five times, like in your case! ;) :D ;) But that's only natural, different deck have different points of view, when getting "second opinion" from other decks, it's sort of like when you post your reading here, to get a second opinion from your fellow Aeclectians, right?

If you had asked me to read for you in this issue, I wouldn't have pulled those cards, probably. But I could give you my input on the cards you pulled, just like your other decks could...

Light and love,
Jenny :)


Yes the Comparitive Tarot reading method is used by a lot of people, whether using a whole spread or just comparing one card. In fact, a Comparitive Tarot deck is coming out, with pictures of the cards from 4 different decks on 1 card, you can see it in the preview section of Comparitve Tarot is a good way to enjoy the art of many decks as well as gain insight, I mean a Thoth deck will say thigs different than a Rider Waite