Vargo Gothic - Back of the cards


This is one of my things, when i look for a deck, i look for a back i can live with and love. This time, when buying this deck, i hadnt seen the back and ohhhhh nice! But, i have no idea what its meant to be? Is it a symbol of some sort? Or just a mad painting.
My boyfriend really likes the back of these cards and is thinking of getting it tattooed!!
The top half to me looks like a trident, so maybe some sort of Neptune thingy going on?
The bottom half reminds me of a bat, a nice nocturnal animal for this deck i think..
and the arrow, directing this deck and its important whisperings straight to you and BAM your instantly in love with the cards :p

Any other thoughts?



I love the design, but I don't like the fact that it lets me know in advance if a card is right or reversed.... oh well.. guess you can't have it all!!!

I like your intrepretion!!


thanks Morandia!
Those ideas just came to when looking at the deck and posting it :)

Any other ideas?
How does the symbol of the bat reflect the feeling of the deck?



I'm another who dislikes the fact that I can tell if the cards are reversed or not, from the cards' backs.

So I've purposefully tried to "forget" which way is up when looking at the backs. As a result, I've not really studied the illustration, but it's a nice enough card back in and of itself, and fits the overall color theme and mood of the deck.

Those flamey things remind me more of Chinese art... you see those kinda flame shapes around dragons all the time. I guess I just don't see bats.



I asked Monolith......

"I was wondering if that symbol that is found inside the circle on the back of the cards, in the circle on the World card, and on the belt of the King of Swords, meant anything."

The answer?

"The Realm Icon, that appears on the backs of the Gothic Tarot cards, represents a convergence of the forces of the universe, specifically the forces of light and dark. In the mythos established in Tales From The Dark Tower (book), the Realm Icon marks the tower as the earthly arena where angels and demons appeal to the mortal strengths and weaknesses of humans to sway them towards order or chaos."


And I thought it was a fancy and weird looking sword!