Vargo Gothic - Justice is 8, Strength is 11


... and I like it. What about the rest of you? "To GD or not to GD?" this is the question.

Last week, I was reading with this deck and had a moment when I suddenly realized the Majors were ordered the non-GD (Golden Dawn) way. Justice was 8, just the way I like it... but I'd never noticed the numerology until that moment (after working with the deck for nearly 8 months now no less).

And, to me, Justice *must* be 8. It just is. Period. I don't care so much that Strength is 11, except that that's the best place to put it, but Justice should be an eight, to me.

The 8 versus 11 debate seems to be ongoing amongst readers. Personally, I find it curious that Vargo even made this kind of decision. Actually, I'm of two minds.... surprised, and not.

Your thoughts?

(For more reading on current discussions about the 8 versus 11 debate: )