Vargo Gothic - What is it?


Come on, you know you want it })


Darla! you are in Berlin too! Wow. Perhaps you can tell me where one might pick up such a thing in this neck of the woods.


Firemaiden, I'm afraid you won't find the Gothic in Berlin. I purchased mine through Tarotgarden because Monolithgraphics doesn't accept credit cards. It was 18$ plus 10$ for shipping (airmail). I chose airmail because I didn't want to wait for 4-6 weeks and it was just 5$ more expensive. I got it within 5 days. However, recently I discovered two British stores who also got the Gothic. The shipping costs will be less but I think the deck price is a bit higher.

I hope I could help you a bit!

September Pixie

The art work... its completely unique and simply exquisite!


I'm happy

I ordered this deck today. I won't get it for a while yet, at least partially because when it is supposed to be delivered I'll be out of state. I will try to catch up on the studying, and hopefully I'll get my deck before you guys are finished!


You've gone TOO FAR!

Okay, AT is my doom and you guys!
Ive been thinking about this deck for a couple of months and i keep pondering thinking NO must not buy another deck for at least a month lol. After talking to Kittaine who is a very bad influence over my tarot buying habits, i've decided to buy the deck. And you want to know what pushed me - YOU GUYS! This wonderful thread has pushed me over the edge and saw this deck as the ideal ive finished school present to myself.
I hope you feel ashamed :p

Why i love this deck - the art work definately. But its not just that, is the fact i can see and feel from the scans the thoughts of reading Anne Rice and L.K.Hamilton. It reminds me of the first time i saw Dracula (with Gary Oldman) and cried because it was such a beautiful film. It touches so many of my darkside buttons - like the Fantastical does but this is far more intimate than the Fantastical, far more personal because the deck makes it personal.
And i havent even got the deck yet!!



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Alas for you... you have surrended. Now that you have given in... you won't be able to resist to tear up the plastic wrap of the deck box with your teeth once you'll get the deck. Prepare yourself... the deck is even more gorgeous in your hands, it feels precious, shining like a bloody garnet. And if you stand closely next to it and listen, you will hear them whisper to you.


I find it flexible.

Although the deck is dark Dark, it does it with a wryness that keeps it firmly planted. It is unlike dark decks that ‘try to be dark’. It does not take itself too seriously – and yet it does.

So it provides a flexibility of readability.

It can be slide from dark to light; morose to hilarious…it changes…sometimes midstream…

It’s like a good thunderstorm; dark, and beautiful, yet dangerous.

That’s what it is…


Umbrae said:
It’s like a good thunderstorm; dark, and beautiful, yet dangerous.

That’s what it is…

I have always loved thunderstorms, for these reasons... I always become excited, wild, when there's one.